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  1. Champion Ruger 10/22 - 22 LR 30 Round - Magazine

    Champion Ruger 10/22 - 22 LR 30 Round - Magazine


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    Magazine Capacity 30
    Ammo Caliber 22 Long Rifle (LR)
    Firearms Platform Ruger 10/22
    Manufacturer Champion
    Manufacturer SKU 40629
    Quantity 1

    If you are looking for a reliable magazine for your Ruger .22-caliber rifle, this is the product you need. You’ll be able to load 30 rounds of .22 Long Rifle ammunition, allowing you to be more efficient with your time at the gun range on in the field. This 30-round magazine can be especially useful if you are doing high-volume small game or varmint hunting, including prairie dogs or squirrels.

    The .22 Long Rifle is one of the most popular round in the country, and the Ruger 10/22 is an excellent option for anyone who wants to fire this versatile and effective round. You can use this 30-round .22 LR magazine for your Ruger 10/22 as a primary clip or a backup magazine at the target range.

    Ruger makes some of the finest firearms and shooting accessories available. Since 1949, this innovative company has been providing outstanding rifles, revolvers, pistols, and more.

1 product(s)