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  1. Thermold AR-15 Magazine - .223/5.56x45mm 30 Round - Black


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    Magazine Capacity 30
    Ammo Caliber 5.56/.223 Rem
    Firearms Platform AR-15
    Manufacturer Thermold
    Manufacturer SKU THEAR30
    Quantity 30

    Thermold is the oldest polymer magazine manufacturer in the U.S. They started out in the 60s making car parts, but their founder William Howard saw a bigger opportunity. A nylon resin named Zytel was invented by DuPont after WWII. As it was developed to replace metal in manufacturing, Howard recognized Zytel’s suitability for making dependable rifle magazines.

    Resistant to thermal expansion, chemical abrasion, and cracking, Zytel is as strong today as it was 60 years ago. It has been used to make bicycle wheels, lightweight running shoes, and even projectiles for less lethal shotshells. This AR-15 mag will absorb years of use and abuse like they’re nothing, and its spring and follower are both strong too. The mag’s gripping surface will help you reload when you’re wearing gloves, or just don’t want to drop the mag.

    Please make sure that it’s legal to own a 30 round magazine wherever you live before you order this one.

1 product(s)