5.56 Brass Casings

Reloading the 5.56 NATO can save you a boat load of cash if you're a high volume shooter of AR-15s or other 5.56/.223 Remington rifles. Economical surplus brass and new 5.56x45 brass casings alike provide excellent value for those willing to invest some time in handloading.

Small rifle primers are a must for your shopping list when reloading 5.56--grab a few from Widener's while you're here!

Federal, as one of the largest manufacturers of 5.56 NATO ammunition at Lake City, is a great source of new brass. We also consistently carry Top Brass 5.56 casings and their reconditioned primed brass. Of course, military once-fired cases are also available at times and are some of the cheapest around.

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  1. Federal Brass Casings 5.56x45mm New Unprimed - 250 Pieces

    Federal Brass Casings 5.56x45mm New Unprimed - 250 Pieces


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    Manufacturer Federal
    Ammo Caliber 5.56x45mm
    Manufacturer SKU AE556UPB
    Quantity 250

    Whether you handload your own ammo to create the exact load that matches your needs or simply to save some money at the range, this new 5.56 NATO brass from Federal is a great starting point. This new, unprimed brass comes in a bag of 250 ideal for high volume AR-15 shooters.

    These cases have discoloring around the neck as a result of the annealing process carried out to give the brass added strength. While many .223 rounds have these markings polished away, 5.56 mil-spec loads leave these markings intact to provide visual assurance that the cartridge is constructed properly.

    Federal brass is made in the USA and is used by the US military as well as countless reloaders.

1 product(s)