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  1. Hoppe's BoreSnake Viper - 22 Caliber - 1


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    Manufacturer Hoppe's
    Manufacturer SKU 24011V
    UPC Barcode 026285241013

    This BoreSnake Viper is designed for 22 LR, 223 Rem, 5.56x45, and other .22 caliber rifles.

    Want to spend less time cleaning your rifle than you ever could have imagined possible? Hoppe’s makes that dream a reality with their revolutionary BoreSnake Viper. You just can’t clean a bore faster than you can with the Viper!

    The BoreSnake Viper improves upon its predecessor’s design by integrating an additional set of bronze brushes. Once you’ve applied bore solvent to them, just drop the BoreSnake Viper’s weighted end down the barrel of your rifle and begin flossing the cord back and forth. Those brushes make short work of all the copper, lead and carbon residue caked on the bore, and the BoreSnake Viper’s tail possesses 160 times the surface area of a traditional cleaning patch. Viola! A little bit of lubricant and your rifle’s barrel is as good as new again.

    The BoreSnake Viper comes packaged in a reusable plastic carrying case, complete with a lid that doubles as a convenient pull handle.

1 product(s)