44-40 Bullets

Reloaders, these are the 44-40 bullets you are looking for. The packages on this page contain only the projectiles!

"The gun that won the West." Like so many other classic firearms, your Winchester Model 1873 is a great little piece of American history. Now, there are one of two ways you could treat your lever-action. You could put it on moth balls and tuck it away somewhere safe to keep it in the best possible condition. Or you could take it out and shoot it like Lieutenant Governor Oliver Winchester intended. If you prefer the fun route, you’ll want to make sure your 44-40 Winchester ammunition supply is constant. Step one is making sure you’ve got plenty of 44-40 bullets for reloading!

The classic bullet for the 44 WCF (or “44 Largo” for our Español-speaking friends) is a .427 diameter 200 grain lead round nose. At a muzzle velocity of 1,245 fps it packs a 688 ft lbs punch out of the gate – a bit underpowered by modern standards, but by all means workable. As time passed UMC introduced a 217 grain bullet, originally loaded to deliver a 1,190 fps muzzle velocity but eventually accelerated to 1,300 fps. Bullets as lightweight as 122 grains have been used, but 200 grains remains the dominant bullet weight. We’ve even heard tell of handloaders making their own shotshells for their Model 1873 rifles, which we don’t advise doing only because it means you won’t have to order bullets from us.

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