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guns of rambo

Guns Of Rambo

Let’s face it, Sylvester Stallone doesn’t quickly let go of his characters. He held on to Rocky Balboa for six films spanning 30 years (1976-2006). So far, he has shot up the big screen with the guns of Rambo in five pictures starting in 1982 and continuing into 2019 for an amazing 37-year run! The […]

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Carlos Hathcock

Carlos Hathcock: Vietnam’s Deadliest Sniper

Chris Kyle is probably the most famous sniper in U.S. history. Thanks to his best-selling autobiography, American Sniper, and an award-nominated film of the same title, the Navy Seal became an icon with 160 confirmed kills in four tours of duty in Iraq. However, decades before, Carlos Hathcock became a legendary sniper in the dense […]

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21 gun salute

Why A 21 Gun Salute?

If you have ever attended a military funeral, you will likely remember it as a somber, moving experience. Honorably discharged veterans, military retirees, and those who die while on active duty are each entitled to a military funeral. Does this honor entitle them to a 21-gun salute? Not exactly, these funerals typically involve a flag-draped […]

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What Is A Wadcutter?

A wadcutter is a cylindrical bullet you’ll often find in revolver cartridges. It is made of pure lead and lacks a gilding metal jacket. Shooters most commonly use wadcutters with paper targets during practice and competition. They can also have self-defense applications. Wadcutter For Target Practice? A wadcutter’s broad, circular nose profile acts just like […]

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pheasant hunting

Pheasant Hunting Guide 

When fall rolls around hunters start to get excited about exploring the woods to hunt for game. For many, that excitement is about big game hunting, they can envision deer coming to their stands, or the sound of an Elk bugling back to their calls. However, there is a small percentage of hunters, like myself, […]

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