a photo of a man shooting the best mosin nagant ammo outdoors

Best Mosin Nagant Ammo

By Guy J. Sagi Mosin-Nagants are often homely, always loud and not generally known to be precision rifles. However, if you go to a gun show, you’ll notice a line at the dealer tables to purchase these historical long guns. So why are these surplus rifles so desirable? For starters, they are budget-friendly. Plus, Mosin Nagant ammo is easy to …

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a graphic of Bill De-Fens Foster

The Guns Of Falling Down

The best-written movies know how to grab your emotions and give them a violent shake, waking them from the slumber of everyday existence. For me, any movie that is advertised as the “feel-good movie of the year” likely isn’t worth the price of admission and a jumbo box of popcorn. I don’t want to just watch a movie, I want …

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a photo of a man using a reloading press in a workshop

Reloading Supplies For The Beginner

Basics Needed for Reloading By Guy J. Sagi There are three good reasons firearm enthusiasts should consider reloading ammunition. First and foremost is the fact it can save a significant amount of money for medium- to high-volume shooters. Then there’s the finicky nature of guns when it comes to precision at long distance. Tiny tweaks in the magical mix of …

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photo of 22 LR bullets

What is an LRN Bullet?

By Guy J. Sagi Lead round nose bullets are composed entirely of lead with a rounded nose. Lead round nose, or LRN—are inexpensive alternatives for plinking, practice and some small game hunting. Although, they are not the best modern option for self-defense use or big game hunting. Some ranges, particularly indoor facilities with expensive ventilation and air purification systems, have …

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an illustration visually depicting the war on gun bloggers

Gun Bloggers—Vanishing Breed?

 By Guy J. Sagi Gun bloggers are a vanishing breed. You might take this as an early warning sign the gathering storm intent on inflicting fatal damage to the Second Amendment is gaining strength, and the ability to share an enthusiasm for firearms is the initial victim. The big gun sites still stand, actively protecting and educating. Many of the …

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