44 Magnum Bullets

44 Mag Bullets for Reloading

The products below contain only the projectile (bullet) and are intended for shooters who load their rounds. If you're looking for fully loaded cartridges, please head to our 44 Magnum ammo page here.

Elmer Keith didn’t just rely on a big revolver to make his design for the 44 Magnum work. He didn't substantially lengthen the original 44 Special case, either. What he did was create a bullet that stuck out farther from the case to provide more room for powder behind it. Keith also chose a fast burning rifle powder for the powerful 44 Mag.

44 Magnum bullets for reloading come in all shapes and sizes. A heavyweight 240 grain bullet can be loaded to a muzzle velocity under 1,000 fps to perform more like a hot 45 ACP load. A lightweight 180 grain bullet can absolutely scream out of the muzzle at 1,800 fps to deliver energy that trumps some 223 Rem loads. With the right 44 Mag bullets for reloading, you can enjoy a lot of different performance out of just one revolver round.

SAAMI’s max pressure for the 44 Mag is 36,000 psi, but you may not want to try and find out how close to that pressure you’re able to load. Even if you were feeling lucky, it’s not ideal to be anywhere near a 44 Mag that fails in the chamber.

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