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  1. Hornady .321 Diameter Bullets - 170 Grain FSP - 100 Count

    Hornady .321 Diameter Bullets - 170 Grain FSP - 100 Count


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    Cost Per Bullet 27.9¢ per bullet
    Bullet Weight 170 Grain
    Bullet Caliber 32 Caliber, 32 Special, 8mm
    Quantity 100
    Bullet Type Flat Soft-Point (FSP)
    Manufacturer Hornady
    Manufacturer SKU 3210

    Hornady's InterLock line of bullets feature exposed lead tips that give shooters controlled expansion. Each projectile in this box of 100 is .321" in diameter and weighs 170 grains. These bullets exhibit a raised ring inside the copper jacket that is embedded into the lead core. This ring keeps the jacket and core fused together so the bullet retains mass and displays deep penetration as it expands. These projectiles have a secant ogive profile which allows for a high ballistic coefficient while retaining the optimum bearing surface for stable flight. Hornady has earned a reputation for providing shooters and hunters with high quality, reliable products.

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    **This is not loaded ammunition.**

1 product(s)