10mm Ammo

10mm ammo is a powerful cartridge that puts the force of a magnum revolver into a semi-automatic handgun. It is also the parent cartridge of the .40 S&W; the main difference between the two is the 10mm's longer case length. Loads for this caliber tend to feature heavy 180 grain bullets with a muzzle velocity above 1,000 fps.

Jacketed hollow point ammunition intended for self-defense is typically quite powerful and suitable only for trained shooters; target loads in 10mm Automatic are often comparable to .40 S&W versions and produce much more manageable recoil.

Notable handguns chambered in 10mm Auto include the Bren Ten, Colt Delta Elite, Glock 20, and (starting in 2015) a variant of the SIG P220. Laid out below, you'll see our in-stock 10mm ammo for sale in bulk and defensive loads.

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