45 ACP Brass Casings

Owners of 1911s and other .45 ACP pistols often handload their own ammunition due to the relatively high cost of loaded ammo. Reloading with 45 ACP brass casings also allows you to fine-tune his or her cartridges to suit various needs.

.45 ACP brass typically uses large pistol primers, though some manufacturers use cases that accept small primers. Don't waste time picking cases off the ground and checking them individually--grab some our affordable, professionally processed brass!

Quality casings can be had from Jagemann, Top Brass, and other companies.

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  1. Jagemann Brass Casings 45 ACP New Unprimed – 100 Pieces

    Jagemann Brass Casings 45 ACP New Unprimed – 100 Pieces


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    Primer Type Boxer
    Manufacturer SKU 12115

    These high quality rimless casings are great for reloading .45 ACP. Jag Brass, under the Jagemann Sporting Group label, is new production unprimed brass made which was previously only available to commercial ammunition manufacturers as an OEM component for their production. Now Jag Brass is available for every home reloader that demands the very best. Jagemann Stamping Company has been in business since 1946 and has a long track record of premium products with high inspection standards.

    These casings have a Large Pistol primer pocket and are rated to maximum pressure of 23,000 PSI for +P .45 Auto loads. These brass casings are also held to match-grade tolerances for measurements that are even tighter than what SAAMI specifications require. Jag Brass casings undergo Vickers Hardness testing as well has mercurial nitrite testing in order to ensure each case will stand up to corrosion and possesses the proper density for the long-term durability needed to survive multiple reloading cycles.

  2. Top Brass Casings 45 ACP New Unprimed Brass - 250

    Top Brass Casings 45 ACP New Unprimed Brass - 250


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    Primer Type Boxer
    Manufacturer SKU DP-TB045ACPCY-250

    These new production brass casings from Top Brass are a great choice for your next batch of custom bench loads. This bag of 250 contains new, un-primed, brass casings that bear the "Top Brass" headstamp. Top Brass incorporated is a Colorado based company that specializes in reconditioning once fired brass from the Department of Defense. Aside from reconditioning, they also offer a line of new production brass casings that are high quality and affordable.

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    **Note: this is not loaded ammunition**

    Customer Reviews

    Excellent results, will probably buy more.

    Have loaded about 100 so far. Great results, even though bulk packed have found no damage. will probably get more of these in future.

    Review by Gary (Posted on 4/10/17)

2 product(s)