45 ACP Brass Casings

Owners of 1911s and other .45 ACP pistols often handload their own ammunition due to the relatively high cost of loaded ammo. Reloading with 45 ACP brass casings also allows you to fine-tune his or her cartridges to suit various needs.

.45 ACP brass typically uses large pistol primers, though some manufacturers use cases that accept small primers. Don't waste time picking cases off the ground and checking them individually--grab some our affordable, professionally processed brass!

Quality casings can be had from Jagemann, Top Brass, and other companies.

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  1. Top Brass Casings 45 ACP Reconditioned Unprimed Brass – 1000


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    Manufacturer Top Brass
    Ammo Caliber 45 ACP (Auto)
    Primer Type Not Applicable
    Quantity 1000

    Granted, most of the science we’ve seen in practice has taken place on the sets of sci-fi B-movies from the 50s, but we say that reloading is a real science, too. It ranks right up there with chemistry, physics, and inventing laser weaponry to combat giant insects.

    Are you a scientist, too? Then your lab needs good supplies, such as these reconditioned 45 ACP brass shell casings from Top Brass. Each one has been individually analyzed by a member of the Top Brass team to ensure it is without splits, dents, or any other damage that would make it unfit for a reloading press. Once approved, each casing is machined to SAAMI spec tolerance, cleaned, and polished. These casings are unprimed, a big perk if you like taking that extra step toward perfection.

    Top Brass bought these casings from the Department of Defense, who were happy to part with them so they could focus on defense instead of figuring out what to do with mountains of brass. Top Brass endeavors hard to ensure their used casings are as consistent as possible, dedication that is going to make your upcoming handloading project very rewarding!

1 product(s)