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  1. Front Sight - Magpul MBUS

    Front Sight - Magpul MBUS


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    Manufacturer Magpul
    Manufacturer SKU MAG247-BLK
    Magpul’s MBUS (Back-Up Sight) makes the perfect addition to any AR-15 or M16 platform rifle. This American-made front sight is spring-loaded, so it leaps into action in a split second – yet rises only about 1/2” above the rail when not in use.

    Magpul’s proprietary polymer withstands an amazing amount of abuse before it can even think about cracking. The sight also avoids damage as it folds itself inward during impact. Yet as strong as the MBUS is, it weighs a mere 1.2 oz. (including hardware).

    The MBUS will help your rifle keep a low profile, as it is only 2.6” long when not in use (or 1.5” while deployed). You can easily mount it to most MIL-STD-1913 picatinny and STANAG 4694-railed hand guards, and while Magpul does include an elevation adjustment tool the MBUS is additionally compatible with most aftermarket A2 front sight adjustment accessories.

    Please note that the MBUS cannot mount to a railed gas block (it can’t handle the heat). It must also be mounted to a railed fore-end on the same plane as the receiver’s rail.
  2. Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuffs - Black - 22 NRR - 1 Set


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    Manufacturer Howard Leight
    Manufacturer SKU R-02524
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    UPC Barcode 033552025245
    Even without the two AAA batteries they need to turn on, the Impact Sport earmuffs by Howard Leight provide great hearing protection with their 22 decibel (dB) noise reduction rating (NRR).

    When they are powered on, the Impact Sport earmuffs utilize integral stereo microphones to detect and amplify conversation, range commands and other important environmental sounds. Those microphones automatically shut off the instant they pick up a sound louder than 82 dB, which is going to protect your sensitive hearing against loud gunshots. The earmuffs’ built-in headphones are compatible with other audio devices including radios and MP3 players.

    This is a comfortable solution for hearing protection, as its padded headband telescopes to create a secure fit and its earcups are soft. The low-profile earmuffs won’t interfere with the stock of a rifle or shotgun, and they fold up for convenient transport. Don’t worry about wasting batteries – these electronic earmuffs will automatically turn off after four hours of continuous use!
  3. Howard Leight Impact-Sport Electronic Earmuffs - Green - 22 NRR - 1 Set


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    Manufacturer Howard Leight
    Manufacturer SKU R-01526
    Quantity 1
    UPC Barcode 033552015260

    Howard Leight's Impact Sport electronic earmuffs are a huge improvement over conventional designs in multiple ways: their slim form factor helps reduce the issues many shooters have clearing the stock of long guns against the cups of their hearing protection devices. In-ear earplugs can be worn under these muffs for additional protection if needed.

    The active noise reduction of these earmuffs promises a noise reduction rating of 22, keeping the sounds of your firearm and those of nearby shooters to a safe level. At the same time, the device actually amplifies certain sounds such as human voices--a huge social and safety benefit, as you'll finally be able to hear your shooting buddies and the range officer over muzzle blasts. For those who shoot alone, these earmuffs include an audio jack that can connect to your phone or MP3 player.

    This headset is powered by two AAA batteries, with the first set included in the package. The battery compartment is external and easy to reach, though you won't need to worry about accidentally draining the batteries quickly thanks to the automatic shutoff feature.

    Customer Reviews

    Excellent Electronic ear muffs!!

    I purchased one of these almost 8 yrs ago now and was so impressed as soon as I used it, I bought a 2nd one. I'm not sure why one reviewer had trouble with the muffs sealing as they are made from very soft and pliable plastic type covers over foam and they seal excellently. In the 8 yrs I've had mine, I have yet to change the batteries and I keep an eye out to make sure the batts don't leak, but if you purchase good batteries, they shouldn't leak. I love the way they fold up and fit in my 50 cal ammo box that I take to the range with target stickers, glasses, muffs, and tools, etc. for the weapons I shoot. I wouldn't hesitate one bit to buy another set of these if the need arose, as I say, they are an excellent choice.

    Review by AKMguy (Posted on 6/17/2018)

    Good "ears" for the price

    I have two pairs of these. I like the way they fold up and they seal tight. There is ear protection with higher NRRs but these are fine for a handgun, shotgun, and most rifle shooting. When the batteries start to get low they develop a low hum but they still work. These are by far the most popular ears seen on our range and at Widener's $39.95 sale price they are a bargain.

    Review by JC (Posted on 12/14/2017)

    Could be quieter

    Comfortable and allows for a solid cheek weld but not quiet enough for me, esp when shooting w magnums or muzzle brakes nearby. You should use these w soft earplugs.

    Review by Long range shooter (Posted on 11/13/2017)

    Barely ok

    These fold up compactly but the problem is the way they fold makes the material take a set which pulls the ear cups from your head when wearing them allowing sound to leak through. My ears were ringing after a short range session. I've left them unfolded to hopefully allow the material to relax and will try again but I don't have much hope for these.
    The microphone did pick up sounds rather well and normal conversation was easy.

    Review by Darren (Posted on 11/5/2017)

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