Pistol Powder

All gunpowders are not created equal. If you're new to reloading or just relatively inexperienced, it might be worth checking out our guide to smokeless powder. We go into a fair level of detail in that guide but in a nutshell, for reloading pistol cartridges, you'll want pistol powder. Most pistol powders are double-base, meaning they use both nitrocellulose and nitroglycerin. Look for in-stock powders for sale from brands you know well like Hodgdon, Ramshot, IMR, Alliant and Vihtavuori.

Pistol gunpowder is usually faster-burning due to the shorter length of handgun barrels. It is also ground into smaller particles for more accurate measuring in small casings.

The powders found here are of the smokeless variety to distinguish them from black powder; smokeless powder is referred to simply as "propellant" or "propellant powder" especially outside the US.

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  1. Hodgdon Powder - CFE Pistol - 1 lb

    Hodgdon Powder - CFE Pistol - 1 lb

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    Manufacturer Hodgdon
    Manufacturer SKU PST1
    Powder Type Handgun
    Powder Weight 1 lb

    "CFE" Pistol propellant uses Hodgdon's proprietary "Copper Fouling Eraser" formula which not only cuts down on cleaning time but reduces muzzle flash. Suppressed muzzle flash combined with great velocity makes CFE Pistol a great choice for handloaders crafting match and self-defense rounds that won't blind the shooter and hinder performance. This powder performs excellently in common calibers such as 9mm Luger, .45 ACP, and .38 Super.

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  2. Winchester Powder - AutoComp - 8 lbs

    Winchester Powder - AutoComp - 8 lbs

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    Manufacturer Winchester
    Manufacturer SKU AC8
    Powder Type Handgun
    Powder Weight 8 lbs

    Winchester AutoComp is an ideal powder choice for all of your competition-oriented loads for the most popular calibers including 9x19mm, .38 Super, .40 Smith & Wesson, and .45 ACP. AutoComp is manufactured as a spherical grain propellant for superior metering and painless processing through progressive equipment. This propellant also features low muzzle flash combined with a burn rate which feeds the perfect amount of gas through a compensator in order to make it a great fuel for match winning rounds!

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    Customer Reviews

    Great Powder

    I've used Autocomp for years. I load 9 major and have very consistent results. Doesn't work well for light loads. but if you load at the upper limit of standard minor PF loads around the 136 PF area, (or major PF loads) it works great.

    Review by GB (Posted on 5/25/16)

    Excellent to feed your auto 9mm, 40 and 45s.

    Worked up a great load for my 9mm...easy, accurate dispensing and clean burning!

    Review by Vinne (Posted on 4/22/16)

2 product(s)