204 Ruger Bullets

204 Ruger bullets are perfect for shooters who like things fast. When Hornady and Ruger introduced the round in 2004, the 204 Ruger offered the second highest muzzle velocity of any factory loaded round. It was also the first commercially available centerfire cartridge that utilized a .204” diameter bullet.

The 204 Ruger is derived from the 222 Remington Magnum, which has five percent greater case capacity than the far more popular 223 Rem. That leaves room for a lot of propellant to push a small bullet. Many handloaders who want 204 Ruger bullets for reloading prefer them lightweight at 32 grains. At that weight it is possible to achieve muzzle velocities in excess of 4,100 fps. Hornady’s proprietary propellant blend and 35 grain NTX bullet achieves a muzzle velocity of nearly 4,500 fps out of a 24” barrel!

Even with so blistering fast a muzzle velocity, the 204 Ruger’s lightweight bullet (often lighter than a 22 LR) requires very little propellant, generates comfortable recoil energy at about 2. ft5 lbs, produces low heat, and reliably drops less than 30” at the 500 yard mark. In the right hands a .204 bullet becomes a potent tool for hunting varmints and predators including coyote.

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