.338 Bullets

When you order .338 bullets for reloading you might have any one of a number of designs in mind. Perhaps you’re making your own 338 Lapua Magnum loads, the chosen cartridge of military snipers and long distance hunters.

You may want .338 bullets to load 338 Winchester Magnum. It is the most popular medium-bore cartridge in the U.S., and a stellar choice for killing bear – especially if the bear has already decided to kill you. Then of course you’ve got your 338 Remington Ultra Magnum, one of the few rounds that can be abbreviated to the name of a liquor, your 338 Federal which couples manageable recoil with performance similarly suited for large game, and the wildcat of the group the 338 Whisper.

.338 bullets typically come in weights of 200 or 250 grains. Soft points are often available, as they deliver the expanding terminal performance you need to punch bears down to the ground, or topple mountain goats off of their airy perches. Or maybe you are a military sharpshooter who wants to bump the 50 BMG out of the first place spot it currently occupies on the list of longest confirmed sniper kills. Whatever your plans are, you’ll find the perfect component bullets here.

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