500 S&W Bullets

500 S&W Magnum Bullets for Reloading

The 500 S&W Magnum may not have any practical use in a tactical scenario. All the same, it’s good to have around for when you want to hit something with a truck but haven’t got a truck handy.

At .500 inches, 500 Smith and Wesson bullets have the largest diameter of all the commonly loaded handgun bullets. Having a steady supply of 500 S&W bullets for reloading will not only guarantee you access to your handloading hobby, but also let you save a ton of money on ammo that is fairly expensive when it comes from the factory.

500 S&W Magnum bullets usually weigh 275, 300, 250, 400, 440, or 500 grains. While still obeying SAAMI’s 60,000 psi max pressure, your handloads can deliver very close to 3,000 ft lbs of energy at the muzzle when loaded with powder like Hodgdon CFE-BLK. You can also use a powder such as Hodgdon CFE Pistol to create “light loads” with a muzzle velocity closer to a 45 ACP, which will save you from a great deal of recoil. The 500 S&W Magnum is basically a rifle cartridge, so you’re going to need large rifle primers to reload it.

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