454 Casull Bullets

454 Casull Bullets for Reloading

The 454 Casull is the kind of friend you’d like to have in tow in the event a bear ever formed an unfavorable opinion of you. It’s a big old revolver cartridge. The only semi-auto pistol capable of firing 454 Casull exists in Japanese cartoons, which aren’t typically known for reflecting reality all too reliably.

The 454 Casull often features a 250, 260 or 300 grain bullet, although reloading data for bullet weights ranging from 240 to 395 grains are available. 454 Casull Bullets for reloading typically include JHC, JHP, XTP, SWC, WLNGC, and RN FP. Conventional muzzle velocities for this powerful round range between 1,100 and 1,850 fps depending on bullet weight.

Reloading the 454 Casull is fairly simple. Because the round’s chamber pressure can exceed 60,000 CUP you want to load either brand new or once-fired brass. You also want to utilize a dedicated 454 Casull resizing die, as a 45 Colt die may not create the optimal tension on a seated bullet. Finally, it is crucial to avoid slow burning propellants that may cause a misfire. A misfire with so potent a cartridge may prove very harmful to your revolver (or your health).

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