45 GAP Ammo

.45 GAP (Glock Automatic Pistol) ammunition was developed for the Glock 37 and is intended to be more compact and stronger than the .45 ACP when fired in Glock pistols. It was introduced in 2003 by CCI/Speer of Lewiston, Idaho.

.45 GAP loads come in 185, 200, and 230 grain bullet weights. The lighter projectiles produce higher muzzle velocity in order to achieve more reliable expansion and reduce the risk of overpenetration.

Law enforcement agencies using .45 GAP handguns include the state police forces or highway patrols of New York, Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida. Civilians will find both range training and expanding self-defense loads for sale here at Widener's from brands like Federal, PMC, and Winchester.

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