40 Cal Ammo

.40 Smith & Wesson ammo is a widely used cartridge for concealed carry and law enforcement. Although it has a reputation for severe recoil, the .40 S&W offers excellent ballistic potential in trained hands. It is based on a 10mm Auto casing shortened to fit into handguns originally designed for the 9mm Luger.

Most 40 cal loads fire a 165 or 180 grain bullet at 950-1100 feet per second; for those who want more reliable expansion or are concerned with overpenetration, lighter bullets in the 135-155 grain range (with corresponding increases in velocity) are also available.

Many manufacturers offer handguns in this caliber, in part due to its intentional compatibility with existing 9mm designs. Notable .40 S&W pistols include Smith & Wesson's own M&P40, Ruger's SR40C, the Beretta Px4 Storm, the Springfield XD, and even some variants of the Browning Hi-Power.

You'll find in-stock 40 cal ammo for sale here at Widener's from great brands like Federal, Winchester, PMC, Magtech and more so you can focus on your next range trip and not worry about the reliability of your rounds.

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  1. Federal Premium Law Enforcement 40 S&W 165 Grain HST JHP - 50 Rounds


    In stock

    Manufacturer Federal
    Condition New
    Bullet Weight 165 Grain
    Bullet Type Jacketed Hollow-Point (JHP)
    Use Type home defense
    Casing Type Nickel-Plated Brass
    Quantity 50
    Ammo Caliber 40 Smith & Wesson
    Manufacturer SKU P40HST3
    Primer Type Boxer
    UPC Barcode 029465094478
    Cost Per Round $1.38 per round

    Federal Premium provides perfect projectiles for your protection. Their Law Enforcement rounds are made specifically for law enforcement agencies and are also fantastic for self defense.

    After the FBI shootout in Miami in 1986, the FBI adopted the 40 S&W as their service round. Although they have moved on to a different round now, the 40 S&W is a great for both low recoil and stopping power.

    These HST jacketed hollow point rounds are great for self protection with their massive expansion and stopping power. These 165 grain rounds fire at 1130 feet per second and are sure to stop any intruder.

1 product(s)