5.7x28mm Ammo

5.7x28mm ammunition is deeply connected with the development of military PDWs (personal defense weapons) such as the FN P90 for which it was designed. It is a high velocity cartridge primarily used by citizen gun owners in the FN Five-Seven pistol. While military variants of 5.7mm ammunition are designed to defeat body armor, commercial ammo that you'll find for sale today is constructed for target shooting or (in the case of hollow point versions) self-defense against unarmored assailants.

5.7x28mm ammunition fires a very light bullet weighing about 40 grains. As a result, the cartridge's muzzle velocity clocks in at about 2,350 feet per second.

The number of manufacturers producing ammo for this caliber is relatively small. FN produces a load using Hornady V-MAX bullets suitable for varmint hunting or self-defense, while Federal's American Eagle TMJ load is the most cost-effective choice for target shooting.

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