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.222 Remington ammo (known as the 5.7x43mm in Europe) is a predecessor to the .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO. It was introduced in 1950 and is still used for hunting small to midsize game.

Like its descendants, the .222 Remington typically fires a bullet around 55 grains in weight at a muzzle velocity of about 3,000 feet per second. Many loads in this caliber are optimized for hunting and feature soft point bullets that expand without fragmenting to preserve edible meat. Others use jacketed hollow points that fragment for high killing power against varmints.

Soft point ammo is available from Federal's Power-Shok series as well as Prvi Partizan and Winchester. Polymer-tipped hollow point loads can be had from Fiocchi, Hornady, and Federal.

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  1. Prvi Partizan 222 Rem 50 Grain SP – 20 Rounds


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    Manufacturer Prvi Partizan
    Condition New
    Bullet Weight 50 Grain
    Bullet Type Soft-Point (SP)
    Use Type varmint hunting
    Casing Type Brass
    Quantity 20
    Ammo Caliber 222 Remington
    Manufacturer SKU PP222
    Primer Type Boxer
    Magnetic No
    UPC Barcode 8605003800262
    Cost Per Round 54.3¢ per round

    If you've got an older rifle chambered in .222 Remington laying around that you refuse to retire, then this ammunition from Prvi Partizan will help you save it from a blanket of dust and disuse. Prvi is a Serbian manufacturer that is well-known for making boatloads of common ammunition alongside obscure rareties for lesser-known rifles. As a result, hunters and recreational shooters can enjoy their vintage pieces without the risk involved with using ammo that's been stored and traded around for decades.

    Each .222 Rem cartridge is constructed using a fine brass casing that is reloadable and fitted with a clean-sparking Boxer primer at its base. The primer serves to ignite a measured charge of powder which will propel a 50-grain soft point bullet. The projectile's lighter weight takes advantage of high velocity in order to promote wide expansion during entry into a small hog or pronghorn, bringing it down cleanly with efficient energy dispersal.

1 product(s)