7mm-08 Bullets

7mm-08 Bullets for Reloading

The 7mm-08 Remington started out as a wildcat cartridge called the 7mm/308 until Remington took it to the mainstream in 1980. In essence it is a 308 Win case that is resized to seat a .284 diameter bullet, so brass for 7mm-08 is readily available to the savvy handloader seeking ammo for their Remington Model 788, Model 700, or Model 7600 rifles.

The 7mm-08 is a relatively popular cartridge available factory loaded by several manufacturers. Still, handloaders bent on practicing their craft while saving good money have a selection of 7mm-08 bullets for reloading to choose from. Bullets ranging in weight from 100 to 168 grains are frequently used, although bullets weighing up to 195 grains are not uncommon. Middleweight bullets between 130 and 150 grains are suitable for hunting deer and most other American medium-sized game, while heavier bullets better serve long-distance shooters thanks to their higher ballistic coefficients. Hornady’s A-MAX is an excellent choice for covering a lot of distance with the 7mm-08.

Once you have selected your bullet and resized your 308 Win brass, a medium burning propellant and large rifle primer are the only pieces remaining. SAAMI advises a pressure no greater than 61,000 psi for the 7mm-08.

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