358 Bullets

If you want .358 bullets for reloading, then it’s probably because you’re a great fan of one or more cartridges that are traditionally underserved by the commercial market. The most popular among these is the 358 Winchester, which people wrongly assume is only good at short range – in fact it makes a great large game round. Other shooters want to craft their own 358 Norma Magnum loads with game such as moose, bear, and bison in mind.

And then you’ve got the “thirty-fives.” The 35 Winchester is a classic lever-action round, and accordingly one which demands a flat nose profile bullet. The 35 Whelen is a powerful round also well-suited for large game, albeit not one that requires a magnum action. The 35 Remington was introduced all the way back in 1906, originally chambered for Remington’s Model 8 and kept alive today by the rather popular Marlin Model 336.

Reloading for these cartridges is not just a great way to save money while ensuring you’ve got a healthy supply of your favorite ammo at the ready. Doing so also makes you a curator of sorts – someone who actively keeps important little pieces of shooting history alive when large commercial manufacturers wouldn’t find it economical to.

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