357 Magnum Bullets

357 Magnum Bullets for Reloading

This page contains 357 magnum bullets used by reloaders who load their own rounds. If you're looking for something ready to shoot, please head to our 357 magnum ammo page.

The 357 Magnum is one of the most popular handgun cartridges ever created. Introduced by Smith & Wesson in 1935 as an improvement on the 38 Special, its case is approximately .12 inches longer than its predecessor – yet it can deliver up to three times greater energy. A fine choice for hunting, self-defense, and recreational shooting, it’s no wonder why even non-shooters know this whopper of a revolver cartridge by name.

It only stands to reason you should find a wide selection of 357 Mag bullets for reloading. 357 Mag bullets commonly weigh between 125 and 180 grains, although load data for even lighter .357 diameter bullets are available and 200 grain gas check bullets are often used for hunting. The heaviest 357 Mag loads can exert over 1,000 ft lbs of energy when fired out of a rifle barrel, putting the revolver round on par with the 223 Rem.

Full metal jackets are suitable for target practice as well as hunting light game when you want to minimize meat damage, and LRNs make especially economical target loads. High-tech monolithic copper bullets by manufacturers like Barnes are a great way to modernize the 357 Mag for compliance with laws that ban toxic projectiles.

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  1. Mixed .356 Diameter Bullets - 250 Count

    Mixed .356 Diameter Bullets - 250 Count


    In stock

    Cost Per Bullet 7.1¢ per bullet
    Bullet Weight Not Applicable
    Bullet Caliber 357 Mag, 357 Maximum, 357 Sig, 38 Special, 38 Super, 380 ACP, 9mm
    Quantity 250
    Bullet Type Unknown
    Manufacturer Mixed

    Accumulating an impressive collection of odds and ends goes hand in hand with several lines of work. If you are a plumber, you must have a trove of pipes and valves. If you are a dentist, we imagine you could make a grand piano out of all the teeth you’ve pulled over the years. And if you are us (which we are), you come to acquire literal mountains of bullets.

    This is just a piece of one such mountain -- “Mount 356,” as we call it. The sealed bag contains 250 .356” diameter bullets, just what you need to load your own 9mm, 38 Special, 357 Magnum, and other types of cartridges.

    We can not tell you just what types of bullets you’ll receive in this bag. A healthy mix of FMJs and JHPs, to be sure, but so long as a bullet can be .356” in diameter you may find it here. We can confidently attest to three things about this random assortment of bullets:

    1. They are all high quality, because we don’t deal in any other kind of bullets.
    2. They are all in perfect condition, as we properly store the bullets we receive directly from manufacturers.
    3. They are an awesome bargain, and perfect for handloaders who like to experiment!

    Customer Reviews

    9mm 124 grain

    The batch I got is all 124grain 9mm (Armscor Style). Weight varies from 123.5 -125.5 gran. Sorted them in 3 weight groups for my 9mm and 38 special plinking.

    Review by peter (Posted on 1/8/2023)

    Mixed bullet bag deal is great

    Purchased mixed .356 bullets.
    Weight difference was nominal.
    20 grain difference from heaviest to lightest. Great deal for target reloading rounds.

    Review by Coongyver (Posted on 11/21/2022)

    Great highly recommend

    Worked great in my hornady lock n load press with bullet feeder no hang ups am very pleased

    Review by Bandit (Posted on 8/17/2022)

    Definitely mixed

    When this said it was mixed it was definitely mixed. 6 of the 15 bags were broken open. After counting them all it was very difficult to determine what was "mixed" about them. Until you weigh them. Some were 115 others were 124. Yeah that was fun but definitely would order again if back in stock.

    Review by Ed (Posted on 6/1/2020)

  2. Zero Bullets 38 Special / 357 Magnum (.357" Diameter) 125 Grain JSP - 500 Projectiles


    In stock

    Cost Per Bullet 12.5¢ per bullet
    Bullet Weight 125 Grain
    Bullet Caliber 357 Mag, 38 Special
    Quantity 500
    Bullet Type Jacketed Soft-Point (JSP)
    Manufacturer Zero Bullet
    Manufacturer SKU 103

    These .357 inch diameter projectiles from Zero Bullets have an exposed soft lead tip at the crown of their copper jacket for a balance between expansion and penetration that makes them great for self-defense loads or even light game hunting. These bullets weigh 125 grains and are great for versatile use with both .38 Special and .357 Magnum calibers. In addition, Zero Bullets manufactures these Alabama-made bullets with a toothed cannelure on the jacket for proper crimping which prevents the jostling of the projectile from its casing while in the cylinder.

    Don't forget to check out Widener's great selection of pistol powders, while you're here.

    Customer Reviews

    Many years of use with no negative results......

    Wideners survice excellent and fast. Zero bullets the same and I have used then for thirty plus years.

    Review by RT (Posted on 10/12/2021)

    good bullets

    good quality bullets, I loaded a 100 and had no issues at the range. good bullets for practice at the range.

    Review by PROK (Posted on 6/8/2020)

  3. Berry's .357 Diameter Bullets - 158 Grain Target HP – 1000 Count


    In stock

    Cost Per Bullet 12.5¢ per bullet
    Bullet Weight 158 Grain
    Bullet Caliber 357 Mag, 38 Special
    Quantity 1000
    Bullet Type Hollow-Point (HP)
    Manufacturer Berry's
    Manufacturer SKU 63197

    This is not loaded ammunition. These are component bullets, and they are solely intended for purchase by handloaders.

    One thousand .357” diameter 158 grain bullets always make a great investment. Whether you love loading the loud and proud 357 Mag or its older brother the 38 Special, Berry’s has got you all taken care of!

    This bullet is not designed for personal protection and is incapable of terminal expansion. The target hollow point is engineered to supply the accuracy sharpshooters need to do their best work. These bullets feature supremely concentric electroplated copper jackets, and their voidless lead cores only do more to enhance superior gyroscopic stability. Berry’s bullets are restruck following the electroplating process to ensure a solid bond between their cores and jackets, as well as their standardized dimensions.

    Whether you use these bullets to load 1.580" OAL 357 Mag or 1.430" OAL 38 Spl, Berry’s warns against loading to a higher muzzle velocity than 1,250 fps – any faster and you risk component separation accompanied by weakened accuracy. These bullets are compatible with data for jacketed or cast bullets of the same weight and profile, and you may use either a roll or taper crimp.

  4. Armscor .357 Diameter Bullets - 158 Grain FMJ – 1500 Count


    In stock

    Cost Per Bullet 14.0¢ per bullet
    Bullet Weight 158 Grain
    Bullet Caliber 357 Mag, 357 Maximum, 38 Special
    Quantity 1500
    Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
    Manufacturer Armscor
    Manufacturer SKU 52271

    Please note: These are component bullets, not loaded ammunition. You can not fire these bullets unless you load your own ammunition.

    Armscor is earning themselves quite a reputation here in America. Their Rock Island Armory pistols fill a nice niche for people who don’t want to auction off vital organs just to be able to afford a 1911. Their 22 TCM cartridge has promise, even if most of the people asking about it only want to know if they can fire it in a firearm chambered for 22 LR. (No.) And their component bullets, which are produced according to precise tolerances, consistently weighted, and deliver good accuracy at the range, are sought after by handloaders throughout the country.

    This meaty slab of .357” diameter bullets is just the ticket for handloaders specializing in 38 Special or 357 Mag. With 1,500 bullets you be able to load 250 six-shot cylinders worth of ammo, and as full metal jackets they’re at once clean shooting and economically designed. Armscor draws a concentric jacket for what is ostensibly a target grade bullet, so your shots will benefit from satisfactory rotational stability and resultant flat trajectories. Buy ten of these cases of bullets and use them to ballast your canoe!

    Customer Reviews

    Third batch, same excellent results

    I bought my third lot of 1500 Armscor 158 gn FMJ from Widener's. The transaction was great, as usual. Thank you Widener's!

    From a statistical standpoint the third batch was equivalent to the first two batches in terms of average weight, average diameter and the standard deviations thereof. I have strong evidence that Armscor has their process under control, but I can't be sure because I have no way of knowing the order in which the bullets are made. Still, these projectiles are of excellent quality and great value for money.

    My Henry 357 lever gun and my five Smith & Wesson revolvers are super accurate with these bullets.

    Review by Steve (Posted on 9/1/2022)

    shoot great

    loaded over imr 4227 shoot great out of lever gun and 10 inch contender

    Review by xp308 (Posted on 6/19/2022)

    Very good quality

    I use these 158’s for action pistol competition. Though they are attractively priced they are also accurate in my setup.

    Review by JD (Posted on 1/30/2022)

    I bought these for my Desert Eagle XIX 357

    I used Accurate #9 and CCI 400 & 450 primers starting at 11.3 grns and ladderred to 12 grns. I enjoyed plinking with them and will highly recommend to any reloader .

    Review by EdFed (Posted on 10/20/2021)

    My second batch, awww yeah

    This review is for the second batch of Armscor 158 gn, 38/357 FMJ's I bought from Widener's.

    I'll start by saying that buying from Widener's has always been a pleasure. The prices are fair, the communication is crystal clear, the rather dense product is well-packed and all of my transactions-to-date have been 100% satisfactory. In summary, Wideners' is an excellent supplier to the reloading community.

    Now, regarding the bullets that just arrived. I've taken a random sample of 25 bullets just like I did with my first batch of 1500 and I measured & inspected each one. My random sampling method is rock-solid and thus my sample results can be used to make valid inferences on the entire lot of 1500 bullets. The results are great, statistically speaking. The weights and dimensions are on target with a low amount of random (expected) variation. Surface quality, bonding and other physical properties all look great. Absolutely no issues.

    From my perspective, I don't think there's a better value in FMJ bullets than Armscor.

    But I'll repeat. Armscor, please send primers!!!! :)

    Review by Steve (Posted on 7/1/2021)

    38 special

    Makes for very good range ammo the 38 special and the 357 liked it for range ammo

    Review by Jb (Posted on 1/8/2021)

    Great value

    It's not my favorite bullet weight but it was the only one I could get under these unprecedented circumstances we find ourselves in. I jumped on these as soon as I saw them as I was running low on my favorite 125 gr bullet. It's a great value and felt good shot in 38 Spl cases. I haven't tried them in 357 cases yet, but confident that it will perform as well.

    Review by Den (Posted on 1/6/2021)

    Armscor makes good stuff at a great price

    I loaded up some of these 158 FMJ's for both my revolvers and my beloved Henry Big Boy Steel. The accuracy was outstanding in all cases.

    And, the bullets are a dream for reloading, easy to press into place, no hangups, nothing off kilter, etc.

    Armscor....send primers. Please! :)

    Review by Steve (Posted on 12/31/2020)

    Transaction went smoothly.

    For this day and age everything went well.

    Review by reader506 (Posted on 12/28/2020)

    Not exactly what I wanted but quality was fine

    Not exactly what I wanted but quality was fine

    Review by Flyfisherguru (Posted on 12/27/2020)

    I've reloaded about 200 of these and they work fine.

    Nothing more to say; they load fine.

    Review by Fernkiller (Posted on 12/20/2020)

4 product(s)