357 Magnum Brass Casings

Whether you want a light-shooting lead-nosed cowboy load or a powerful, hard-hitting one for hunting, Widener's can help with the 357 mag brass casings. Pick up some 357 magnum brass and check out the rest of our component selection to load your own .357 Mag ammunition to your precise specifications.

As you might expect from the name, the .357 Magnum calls for Small Pistol Magnum primers.

Quality brass for this caliber is produced or reconditioned by Jagemann, Top Brass, and other companies - you'll find our in-stock casings for sale below.

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  1. Jagemann Brass Casings 357 Magnum New Unprimed – 100 Pieces


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    These new production, unprimed brass casings are great loading your favorite .357 loads for plinking, hunting, competition, and self-defense. "Jag Brass" by the Jagemann Sporting Group label is some of the most tightly controlled brass in manufacture. The Jagemann inspection process includes Vickers hardness testing as well as mercurial nitrite testing which ensure corrosion resistance as well as proper material thickness and strength at all crucial areas of the casing. These all adds up to high quality casings that you can load multiple times without failure. These .357 casings are rated for a maximum pressure of 35,000 PSI.

    Jagemann Stamping company was established in 1946 and is responsible for metal shaping and plastic molding that is used across many varying industries. Their brass casings are produced at their Wisconsin factory and are trusted by many ammunition companies as a base component of their finished products.

1 product(s)