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The 405 Winchester (405 WCF) was introduced in 1904 for the Winchester 1895 lever-action rifle. Any mention of that rifle demands that you also bring up Theodore Roosevelt, its most famous wielder, who brought two of them chambered for 405 Winchester along with him to Africa. While the great president didn’t bag all 500 of the animals he took from his famous safari with the 405 Winchester, he certainly proved its efficacy at felling a wide variety of large game. “The Winchester did admirably with lions, giraffes, elands, and smaller game, and, as will be seen, with hippos,” wrote Teddy, who also noted that his Holland & Holland doubly chambered for 500 and 450 Nitro Express was preferable for thicker skinned rhino and buffalo.

You can still see some of his trophies on display at the Museum of Natural History, bullet holes gracefully taxidermied over.

The most popular .405 bullets weigh 300 or 400 grains, and are commonly loaded to 2,200 fps and 1,900 fps muzzle velocities respectively. When selecting 405 Winchester bullets for reloading, you’re not limited to a flat nose profile like the typical lever-action round demands – the Winchester 1895’s box magazine sees to that.

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