Large Rifle Magnum Primers

Large rifle magnum primers are used in some of the most powerful big game loads out there--the .375 H&H Magnum, the .338 Lapua, the .300 Weatherby Magnum, and the various Winchester magnums.

Since they are more powerful than standard primers, Large Rifle Magnum primers are ideal for large capacity cases and for shooting with ball powders or in cold weather.

Winchester, CCI, and Sellier & Bellot are some of the notable manufacturers of LRM primers.

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  1. CCI #250 Large Rifle Magnum Primers - 1000 Count

    CCI #250 Large Rifle Magnum Primers - 1000 Count


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    Primer Type Large Rifle Magnum
    Manufacturer CCI
    Manufacturer SKU 0015
    Quantity 1000

    CCI (Cascade Cartridges, Inc.) primers are among the highest quality components in the world and included in factory load recipes by many leading ammunition manufacturers. These CCI #250 Large Rifle Magnum primers are especially designed to fully ignite slow-burning powders in large capacity casings.

    CCI magnum primers burn 23% hotter than standard with a longer lasting flame which guarantees a complete and consistent burn; this translates to increased reliability and accuracy. In addition, the CCI primer design incorporates a more sensitive powder mixture alongside a larger "strike" zone for dependable function with a wide range of firing pin types and conditions.

    Widener's also maintains a supply of magnum rifle powder and projectiles in order to serve your custom big bore reloading needs.

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