Blackhorn 209 Powder

Blackhorn 209 is a great choice for in-line modern muzzleloaders and offers a great alternative to conventional black powder or other substitutes. Look for in-stock 10 oz. and 5 lbs. containers for sale at very competitive prices here at Widener's.

Some of the notable benefits of Blackhorn 209 include reduced fouling, improved potential for high-velocity loads, and longer shelf life.

Blackhorn 209 is made by Western Powders, which also produces Ramshot and Accurate powder.


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  1. Blackhorn 209 Powder - 5 lbs.

    Blackhorn 209 Powder - 5 lbs.


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    Manufacturer Blackhorn
    Manufacturer SKU 0485
    Powder Type Muzzleloader
    Powder Weight 5 lbs

    Blackhorn 209 is black powder substitute which exhibits low residue for easy cleanup and breech plug removal. Blackhorn 209 propellant is also usable in black powder cartridges and produces more consistent accuracy while sending projectiles downrange with ferocious velocity. Due to being non-hygroscopic (water absorbing), Blackhorn 209 powder has a longer shelf life than other black powder substitutes and will serve you for many hunting seasons to come when properly stored.

    Bring more to bear by adding bullets and 209 primers to your bulk powder order at no additional HAZMAT fee.

1 product(s)