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  1. Surplus Mil-Spec Ammo Can - Fair Condition - 50 Cal M2A1 - Green - 1


    In stock

    Manufacturer Military Surplus
    Quantity 1
    Condition Used
    Ammo Caliber Not Applicable
    Length 11"
    Width 5.5"
    Height 7"
    Material Steel
    Think a surplus mil-spec ammo can is only good for storing and transporting ammo? Of course not -- a Widener’s customer could never be so short-sighted. You know this sturdy receptacle is ideal for keeping delicate apparatus safe during hunting, camping, boating, and car trips. Its thick steel sides repel abuse like it’s nothing, and its lid’s rubber gasket closes tightly to keep water for soggifying your valuable miscellanea. And yes, of course this 50 Cal M2A1 can will fit hundreds if not thousands of rounds of your favorite ammo. Order ten or twenty and take care of all your Christmas shopping months in advance!

    This ammo can is real military surplus, and it definitely shows. Our brave troops dented it, bent it, scuffed it, painted it, put stickers on it, and even let it rust a little bit both inside and out. Don’t think it inconsiderate of them -- if they knew it was you who would eventually wind up owning it, they definitely would have treated it with greater care. It’s still in fair condition, so it functions every bit as well as an ammo can should.

    We underpromise and overdeliver here at Widener’s. The can we used as a photo example is almost certainly worse for wear than the one we will actually send you, which we believe ought to leave you pleasantly surprised!
  2. Mil-Spec Ammo Can - 50 Cal M2A1 - Green - 1


    In stock

    Manufacturer unspecified
    Manufacturer SKU M2A1 OD Green
    Quantity 1
    Condition New
    Ammo Caliber Not Applicable
    Length 11"
    Width 5.5"
    Height 7"
    Material Steel
    Made In ChinaYou can’t go about storing and transporting your ammunition all willy nilly, like some kind of barbarian would. Cartridges of any quality deserve to be housed within the dignified confines of a mil-spec ammo can. We feel this way strongly, so we keep just such an ammo can in stock and ready to accompany any our fine ammo that ships out.

    This ammo can greatly immunizes its contents against the corruptive influences of rain, atmospheric moisture, dust, and windborne soil. Its strong latch ensures that its lid’s gasket presses closely against its walls, making it all but waterproof to prepare for the most trying weather conditions you could encounter. This ammo can is particularly spacious, as it is designed to store 50 Cal rounds for the M2A1 heavy machine gun. As such you may store up to 700 223 Rem cartridges in it, or significantly more smaller ones. It’s the perfect accomplice to any ardent handloader who respects their work too greatly to place it in a plastic baggie, and loosely packed bulk ammo absolutely demands it. Order yours today!

    Customer Reviews

    Very good quality

    Very nice ammo cans

    Review by Breeze (Posted on 6/5/2022)

    Much better than the surplus cans I’ve bought.

    Very good quality and a great price.

    Review by Pat (Posted on 5/4/2022)

    Nice cans!

    Except for wear and tear on Surplus cans, these are the same. I'm using them to store 5.56. ammo - 1000 rounds at a time (also available at Wideners). They work perfectly for that.

    Review by Yosemite Sam (Posted on 10/31/2019)

    Excellent quality and excellent price

    I got 24 of these high quality 50 cal ammo cans. I liked them so much I got 24 more . High quality cans at a low price!

    Review by Robert (Posted on 11/12/2017)

    Ammo Cans Storage

    I have at least two dozen 30 caliber cans. Thinking about the 50 cal at this price, great deal. New cans with rubber seal keep all the moisture at bay. Don't be surprised if the paint hasn't completely cured, the smell will eventually dissipate.

    Review by jws (Posted on 10/29/2017)


    Brand new ammo cans at a fantastic price!

    Review by ripstop (Posted on 6/18/2017)

    Just what I needed

    I've bought several of these cans & they are perfect for storing ammo and reloading components.

    Review by classic Bob (Posted on 9/5/2016)

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