Q1 - Why do I have to have an account to order?
Q2 - What are the benefits of having an account?
Q3 - If I don?t have an e-mail address can I still order?
Q4 - Can I order if I don?t have a credit card?
Q5 - Do I have to pay sales tax?

A1 - To simplify our processing procedures, faster more reliable service to the customers.
A2 -
You can view your past order history, Use your account information to speed up check out procedure. It also helps us maximize the Quality of service we offer to you.
A3 -
Yes, You will need to call one of our sales Reps at # 1-800-615-3006 and they will assist you in placing an order.
A4 -
Yes, You can pay using a check or money order. NOTE: Your order will be held for 15 days to allow your check time to clear the bank. Add the products you would like to your shopping cart, print shopping cart and mail in with your payment.
A5 -
Only if you live in Tennessee at this time.


Q1 -
What is E-Blast?
Q2 - What is the NRA "Round-Up"?
Q3 - How do I know if my order was received?
Q4 - When will my order ship? Will I be notified?
Q5 - How do I cancel an order that has been placed?
Q6 - How do I calculate the Shipping & Handling Fees?

A1 - Periodically we will send out a special sale flyer via e-mail, Enrolling in the E-blast will ensure that you receive these special prices.
A2 -
The NRA "Round-Up" program is a unique, but very effective way to support the NRA. Every Wideners customer has the opportunity to "round-up" the total of their purchase to the next highest dollar. This amount is donated to the NRA and put into an Endowment for the Protection of the Second Amendment.
A3 -
We send an order confirmation to your email account as soon as your order has been processed. The purpose of this email is to notify you that your order has been received, processed, and sent to our shipping department.
A4 -
In most cases you will receive your order within 7 - 10 working days. You will be notified when your order ships. We send a shipping confirmation to your email account as soon as your package(s) has/have left our warehouse.
A5 -
You will have until 6:00 pm EST on the business day that your order was placed to cancel, YOU WILL NEED TO CALL # 1-423-282-6786 to ensure your package(s) are not shipped.
A6 -
You will need to enter your Payment information to view the Shipping & handling Fees. You WILL NOT BE BILLED unless you click the PLACE ORDER BUTTON. Orders that exceed 150lbs will automatically show zero, You will be contacted by phone and email before you are billed with a total for your order.


Q1 -
Using the CATEGORY TREE to navigate.
Q2 - Using KEYWORD to search products.
Q3 - Using ITEM # to search products.
Q4 - Searching by Manufacturer.

A1 - On the left hand side of your screen you will notice the main category?s. There are two ways to navigate these (Example) lets start with the Loaded Ammunition Category. If you click on the words Loaded Ammunition you will be taken to the Loaded Ammunition Home page from here you will notice sub category?s at the bottom of your screen. By clicking any of the choices here you will be taken to that page. Or you can navigate the Category by clicking the + box to the left side of the category, using this method of search the category will drop down and show all of the sub category?s under the main category.
A2 -
On the top left hand side of your screen you will see a box that says Keyword. Lets say that you are searching for a 9mm 115gr bullet. Just type 9mm 115gr bullet in keyword and submit it. This will pull up all 9mm 115gr bullets we offer.
A3 -
In the upper middle of your screen you will see ITEM # .If you know what the item number for the product you want to search for is type that number in the ITEM # box and submit it this will pull up only the product you requested.
A4 -
On the top right hand side of your screen you will see Manufacture, Expand the list and choose the manufacture you would like to search. NOTE: using this method will pull up all products offered by the Manufacture you have chosen.