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Terms & Policies

We Can only ship Inside the U.S.A. We Do Not Export.

PROOF OF AGE: A Federal Firearms License is no longer required to order ammunition, brass, bullets, powder, primers or any other component. HOWEVER, there is a requirement, as mandated by the BATFE that we can only sell handgun ammunition and components to persons over the age of 21. We have elected to adopt this age for ALL ammunition and components.

You must have proof of age on file with us before you order these items. If you are ordering for the first time through the Mail or Phone a copy of your driver's license showing your birth date is needed before the orders can be accepted or taken. We will be put this on file for future orders and do not require you to send it again. You may mail, email or fax us a copy of your driver's license (fax # 423-282-6651). OR, you may order online at www.wideners.com just register for an account.

METHOD OF PAYMENT: We accept Money Order's, Personal checks (order held for clearance), Visa/MasterCard and Discover on phone orders, website orders or mail orders. There is no charge added for credit card orders. You must provide the Billing Address for the Credit Card you intend to use, if the billing address does not match the card used our address verification system will decline the transaction. All cards are cleared by bank transfer before order is sent.

PRICES: We try to keep our prices as low as possible, however, PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. Current market conditions are tight and commodity prices have increased tremendously forcing manufacturers to increase prices. We will pass these on as they occur. SOME SURPLUS AMMUNITION IS in short supply due to military order and usage which is at a very high level right now. Also, we reserve the right to LIMIT QUANTITIES on certain items in order for try to help ALL our customers.

SHIPPING: All prices DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING CHARGES. We ship UPS, FEDEX, AND USPS and we try our best to ship each order the cheapest way possible. WE DO NOT BELIEVE IN STICKING OUR CUSTOMERS WITH EXCESS SHIPPING CHARGES!! Unlike some companies who sell you product at a reduced price and then make their money on the shipping charges.

C.O.D. ORDERS: We just quit taking them. The regulations are so strict. You can't give them cash anymore. So, we quit sending C.O.D.

Sales Tax: Tennessee State Sales Tax of 9.5% will be added to orders from Tennessee only, unless you have a tax certificate on file with us. You must send a resale certificate with EACH ORDER as we do not keep them on file and attach them to the order for the sale tax auditor from Tennessee Department of Revenue. Sales tax is NOT added for orders shipped outside of Tennessee for use and consumption outside the State of Tennessee. (Incidentally, Tennessee has a high Sales Tax, but we do not have a State Income Tax). Sales Tax must now be charged on Shipping and Handling for the State of Tennessee.

Ammunition Tax Stamp: Any order for Loaded Ammunition that is shipped or picked up in the State of Tennessee will have a $0.10 Ammunition Tax Stamp added per every individual box of ammunition on the order. This amount may not be present on your initial order, but will be added at the time of processing. Please contact Customer Service if you have Questions about this.

SALES TO ALASKA AND HAWAII: We gladly ship Non-Restricted items directly to these states. Restricted Items such as Ammuniton and Haz-Mat must go through a Freight Forwarding Company. It is the customers' responsibility to arrange this and provide us the delivery address of the forwarding company of choice. If you have questions Please call us first before ordering.

HAZARDOUS MATERIALS: Now, here is a bear. It is so complicated to ship Haz-Mat (powder, primers and component tracer bullets) that each order is reviewed individually to calculate the packing and shipping charges so the customer gets the best deal. Current Haz-Mat charges are $28.50 per package. Order all you can to reduce your cost per unit as many items can usually be put in one package.

RETURNS: No returns without prior authorization. 25% restocking fee if your order return is authorized. Damaged packages should be reported to the carrier who is responsible for the damage. Freight for the returned goods must be paid for by the buyer; we do not send out call tags.

BACKORDERS: WE DO NOT ACCEPT THEM! If the item is not in stock, we cannot add it to an order. Please sign up for the email notification on the product page for when new stock arrives.

SHORTAGES AND DAMAGED GOODS: You must report any shortages or damaged goods to us within 14 days of receipt of the package or you have waived your right to an adjustment or refund. Please, check your orders when they come in and call us, we will help you. If you put it on the shelf and wait 3 years before you open it, we will not help you.

RESTRICTED SHIPMENTS: Some states do not allow mail order shipments of certain items. For example, we can not ship hi-cap magazines to California and some other locations. If it is illegal for you to order certain items in your area, do not order these items.

Local and Pick Up Orders: We no longer offer walk in sales, orders must be placed by Phone or Internet for Pick up on specified days only. Pick up days are on Tuesdays and Thursdays only from 3-5 pm. Place your order online and pay with a credit card, In the comment's box during checkout please put For Local Pickup. When your order is processed we will remove the Shipping fees and Haz-mat fees if applicable. If ordering ammunition we will apply Ammunition Tax Stamps at $0.10 per each box of ammo ordered and picked up in the State of Tennessee. You will be contacted either via email or by phone as to when your order may be picked up.

If you have questions about this please feel free to either email us at wideners@wideners.com or contact a Sales Agent at 423-282-6786 prior to ordering.

There will be no substitutions or additions allowed on orders when picking them up.

Thank you. We have been here for 31 years and we sincerely appreciate your business and loyalty and we pledge to do everything we can to serve our customers..