image about Guns That Won the West

Guns That Won the West: A History of Western Firearms

Guns Of The Wild West There are plenty of firearm manufacturers that claim to have produced “The Gun that Won the West.” And as long as there are Old West devotees, there will be a debate going on somewhere about which gun actually should hold that coveted title. But the truth is that there was no single firearm that officially …

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photo of a ruger 10 22 rifle with 22 LR ammo on a sheet of plywood

Best .22 LR Ammunition

The .22 Long Rifle is the most prolific, most common caliber in the world. .22 LR ammo is used for anything and everything you can think of from shooting cans and rabbits to Olympic shooting sports. It is the caliber that everyone learns to shoot with. It is cheap, accurate, and effective when used for its many intended purposes. .22 …

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