photo of smith and wesson 38 special revolver with ammo

Best 38 Special Ammo: Range Training & Home Defense

The .38 Special is a classic revolver caliber, perhaps the classic revolver caliber of modern times. It’s impossible to go into any gun store and not find a selection of used and new revolvers chambered in this classic round. It has a history as a workhorse, and though it may not be considered as powerful, or ballistically potent as the almost …

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photo of a smith & wesson M&P 9mm pistol for competition shooting matches

USPSA & IDPA Competition Shooting

Guest Writer: Kenzie Fitzpatrick A Guide To Competition Shooting USPSA is the United States Practical Shooting Association and is part of IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation). IDPA is the International Defensive Pistol Association. Although they both are competition based and require moving and shooting, they differ in many ways. Before attending a match, ask the range officer or shooting range …

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Wanted: Most Valuable Pistols

The Most Valuable Pistols For Collectors Why do people collect pistols? Well, you could put that type of question to those who collect coins, stamps, rare books, or even butterflies, and if you ask one hundred of them, you’ll get about that many different responses. Simply put, certain individuals have developed a passion for something, like finding the most collectible …

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a photo of a colt navy revolver on plywood

Shooting A Cowboy Action Stage

Guest Writer: Kenzie Fitzpatrick Cowboy Action Shooting Stages Cowboy Action stages are fun to shoot because you rarely ever see the same stage twice. The biggest learning curve is understanding what each of the sweep patterns is and how to best shoot them. Sweep patterns are the shooting sequence you are given for a set of targets. The stages are …

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photo of shot show 2019 in las vegas at the venetian hotel

SHOT Show 2019 Report

Explore SHOT Show 2019 With Widener’s Welcome to the greatest gun show on the planet! With over 1,600 exhibitors, it’s the place to be for any serious gun, ammunition and tactical enthusiast. This week, the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, NV will host more than 64,000 visitors both national and international, as they come face-to-face with the best the …

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