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ruger 10/22 history

Ruger 10/22 History

In 1964, the Ruger 10/22 arrived with a few new features, rocket-launching this rifle into the galaxy of firearm superstars. But what makes the Ruger 10/22 history so interesting? Many would argue that the secret sauce is in two fundamental principles: innovation and reliability.  The Ruger 10/22 began in 1964, with William Ruger working to […]

most accurate 22lr ammo at 100 yards

Most Accurate 22lr Ammo At 100 Yards

The world of .22 caliber ammunition is vast and diverse, offering shooters a plethora of options to choose from. Among the myriad choices, several stand out for their exceptional precision and performance. This article delves into the characteristics and capabilities of five renowned .22 caliber ammunitions: Norma Xtreme LR-22, SK Rifle Match .22LR, ELEY Match […]

22LR match grade ammo

22LR Match Grade Ammo

In the world of precision shooting, where every fraction of an inch can make the difference between victory and defeat, the choice of ammunition is paramount. For those who participate in competitive shooting sports like smallbore rifles or rimfire benchrests, the search for the perfect .22LR match-grade ammo is a never-ending quest. These shooters understand […]

17 HMR VS 22LR

17 HMR VS 22LR

Buckle up, we’re driving headfirst into the ultimate rimfire cartridge showdown – the 17 HMR VS 22LR. These little guys pack a punch in their own right and have their own fan clubs. So, grab your popcorn (or gun oil) as we break down the history, practical uses, ballistics, bullet types, and wallet-friendly factors of […]

22LR Ammo Bucket

22LR Ammo Bucket

What’s the only thing better than a barrel full of monkeys? A bucket full of bullets! Or, in this case, a good old-fashioned .22LR Ammo Bucket!  Why do people love .22LR ammo buckets? First, a plastic bucket is more durable and reliable for carrying ammo, particularly in damp or icy conditions. Second, ammo buckets offer […]