History Of The AK-47

A History Of The AK-47 Rifle American soldiers first came up against the AK47 in the jungles of Vietnam during the early 1960’s.  Before that the earliest reference to this Soviet designed weapon came from a 1953 CIA resource with only a rough drawing that suggested this new gun was a derivative of the PPSh – the Russian standard submachine …

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Photo of 12 gauge shotgun shells

Understanding Different 12-Gauge Shotgun Load Types

12-Gauge Shotgun Load Types The 12-gauge shotgun is one of the most versatile firearms you can own. With so many options for shot loads, from hundreds of tiny beads to a single heavy slug, there is plenty that you can do with your 12-gauge shotgun. Understanding the different 12-gauge ammo shot patterns, as well as their best applications, will make …

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History Of The AR-15

With the politicization of gun rights in the U.S., the AR15 became the poster gun for both sides. Beloved by gun rights supporters, the rifle represents the ideal of the Second Amendment: a tool of not quite military standards in the hands of citizens ready to defend hearth and home. Gun control supporters see it as a weapon of mass …

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Win Ammo for a Year!

Fill out my online form. You Could Win! Free Ammo For A Year! Celebrate the launch of the Widener’s Blog with us! Subscribe to our newsletter above to enter the contest and get new articles and content sent directly to your inbox. One lucky Widener’s fan will win FREE AMMO FOR A YEAR* in our giveaway! To be eligible, you must be 21 years …

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photo of ammo storage boxes stacked on a wooden floor

How Long Is Ammo Good For?

You’re cleaning out your great-uncle’s garage when you find a box of dusty .30-30 shells. You’re going through basement storage when you find a tote of hunting supplies; among the camo gloves and duck calls, you find a case of 12-gauge shells. You’re looking through your cluttered gun case when you find a box of 9mm Lugers, which you’re fairly …

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