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What Is A Reticle

What Is A Reticle?

Many shooters select a rifle scope by researching its magnification, lens system, and physical specs. But it’s also important to consider the scope’s reticle in the decision-making process. Admittedly, it can be the most confusing part of choosing a scope. There are many types of reticles available on the market. Unless you’re a seasoned professional […]

co-witness sights

Co-Witness Sights: A Comprehensive Guide

During your journey to becoming an ever more effective shooter, one of the more contested topics that you will encounter is co-witnessing. With that in mind, we have created this comprehensive guide to co-witness sights. We discuss what they are, how they impact your shooting experience, and if you need to co-witness at all.  What […]

lower 1/3 co-witness sights

Lower 1/3 Co-Witness Sights

When aiming down the sights of your firearm, are you more comfortable with optics, or iron sights? What if you could engage both? That’s the basic philosophy behind co-witnessed sights. Lower 1/3 co-witness sights take the idea one step further. Many experienced shooters looking for versatility and flexibility utilize co-witness sights. It combines both iron […]

red dot vs holographic

Red Dot VS Holographic Sights

Red dot VS holographic sight comparisons remain commonplace discussions at the gun range. Truth be told, both are solid options for new shooters. They’re easy to use, priced right and the quality is there, but deciding which option suits your shooting needs can be difficult. Here’s a quick look at the advantages and drawbacks to […]

a man shooting with rifle optics

Rifle Optics Guide

Choosing sights for your new rifle is one of the “joys” of fitting out a new firearm or simply dressing out an old one. With all the choices we have on the market these days, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Or, put it another way, it is easy to get carried away. Before entertaining […]