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Most Accurate 22lr Ammo At 100 Yards

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most accurate 22lr ammo at 100 yards

The world of .22 caliber ammunition is vast and diverse, offering shooters a plethora of options to choose from. Among the myriad choices, several stand out for their exceptional precision and performance. This article delves into the characteristics and capabilities of five renowned .22 caliber ammunitions: Norma Xtreme LR-22, SK Rifle Match .22LR, ELEY Match .22LR, Lapua Long Range .22LR, and CCI Standard. 

Most Accurate 22lr Ammo At 100 Yards

Now, let’s explore some of the most accurate 22lr ammo at 100 yards options available on the market. Use the ballistic data below as a general reference. Keep in mind, that there are many ballistic variations possible for each round. These variations are based on atmosphere conditions, wind, weather, barrel length, and ammunition choice. For our testing, we used a bolt action rifle with a 16″ barrel set on a custom chassis, with a variable power optic, from a benchrest.

Norma Xtreme LR-22

a photo of Norma Xtreme LR-22 most accurate 22lr ammo at 100 yards

Norma’s patented bullet design for Xtreme LR-22 ammo provides a flat and stable trajectory for distances.

Norma, a well-respected name in the ammunition industry, brings us the Xtreme LR-22. Designed for precision and accuracy, this .22LR ammunition is a favorite of both competitive shooters and enthusiasts. The Norma Xtreme LR-22 is known for its consistent velocity, tight groupings, and reliable performance. High-quality components and meticulous manufacturing processes contribute to its exceptional reliability, making it a popular choice for rimfire competitions and small game hunting.  

The bullet design of the Norma Xtreme LR-22 is optimized for long-range accuracy, making it a top choice for shooters who demand consistent performance at extended distances. With a reputation for reliability and precision, the Norma Xtreme LR-22 has earned its place among the elite in the .22 caliber ammunition market.

Caliber Bullet Type Bullet Weight Velocity (Muzzle) Energy (Muzzle) 50 Yards (Velocity/Energy) 75 Yards (Velocity/Energy) 100 Yards (Velocity/Energy)
.22LR LRN 43gr 1,165 FPS 130 FT LBS 1,089 FPS/113 FT LBS 1,054 FPS/106 FT LBS 1,005 FPS/96 FT LBS
a target shot with Norma Xtreme LR-22 at 100 yards

We aligned shots #2 and #3 of Norma Xtreme LR-22 in the same hole at 100 yards.

SK Rifle Match .22LR

a photo of SK Rifle Match 22LR rimfire ammo

The SK Rifle Match .22LR is crafted ammunition well-regarded for its accuracy and consistency.

SK Rifle Match .22LR ammunition is synonymous with accuracy and consistency. This is a brand under the renowned Nammo Group, crafting this ammunition to meet the demands of competitive shooters and target enthusiasts. The SK Rifle Match .22LR is well-regarded for its bullet weight and dimensions uniformity, resulting in tight shot groups.

The bullet’s profile and quality control measures in production contribute to its reliable performance, making it a favorite among precision shooters. Whether used in precision target shooting or small game hunting, the SK Rifle Match .22LR stands out for its dependable accuracy and clean-burning fuels.

Caliber Bullet Type Bullet Weight Velocity (Muzzle) Energy (Muzzle) 50 Yards (Velocity/Energy) 75 Yards (Velocity/Energy) 100 Yards (Velocity/Energy)
.22LR LRN 40gr 1,073 FPS 102 FT LBS 1,006 FPS/90 FT LBS 972 FPS/84 FT LBS 944 FPS/79 FT LBS
a target shot with SK Rifle Match 22LR ammunition at 100 yards

SK Rifle Match .22LR ammunition performed well with tight groups at 100 yards.

ELEY Match .22LR 

a photo of ELEY Match .22LR  ammo

Funny name, and serious ammo. ELEY Match .22LR delivers the precision ballistics needed for competition shooting.

ELEY is synonymous with precision rimfire ammunition and presents the ELEY Match .22LR. Renowned for its consistent performance and tight tolerances, ELEY Match is a staple in competitive shooting. ELEY designed this ammo to deliver optimal accuracy, making it a preferred choice for elite marksmen and Olympic shooters. 

The ELEY Match .22LR features a bullet design that minimizes trajectory variations, giving shooters the confidence to take precise shots at various distances. The ammunition’s reputation for reliability and accuracy has made it a top choice for shooters participating in precision rimfire competitions worldwide. 

Caliber Bullet Type Bullet Weight Velocity (Muzzle) Energy (Muzzle) 50 Yards (Velocity/Energy) 75 Yards (Velocity/Energy) 100 Yards (Velocity/Energy)
.22LR LRN 40gr 1,085 FPS 98 FT LBS 994 FPS/88 FT LBS 961 FPS/82 FT LBS 935 FPS/72 FT LBS
a target shot with ELEY Match .22LR at 100 yards

We shot two touching groups, with the final four shots using ELEY Match at 100 yards.

Lapua Long Range .22LR

a photo of Lapua Long Range 22LR ammo

If you need consistent performance, with tight groupings, reach for Lapua Long Range .22LR ammo.

Lapua, a Finnish manufacturer known for its high-quality ammunition, offers the Lapua Long Range .22LR, a cartridge designed for excellent accuracy. Lapua’s commitment to precision is evident in the manufacturing process, which includes tight quality control measures and premium components. 

You’ll find Long Range .22LR in the range bags of many top-level competitive shooters for its consistent ballistic performance and tight groupings. The bullet design and optimized ballistic properties contribute to its reliability and accuracy, making it a great choice for those who demand precision from their rimfire ammunition.

Caliber Bullet Type Bullet Weight Velocity (Muzzle) Energy (Muzzle) 50 Yards (Velocity/Energy) 75 Yards (Velocity/Energy) 100 Yards (Velocity/Energy)
.22LR LRN 40gr 1,106 FPS 108 FT LBS 1,032 FPS/95 FT LBS 997 FPS/88 FT LBS 968 FPS/83 FT LBS
a target shot with Lapua Long Range at 100 yards

Lapua Long Range showed its consistent ballistic performance at 100 yards.

Most Accurate 22lr Ammo At 100 Yards: CCI Standard Velocity

a photo of cci standard velocity most accurate 22lr ammo at 100 yards

Reliable and affordable, CCI Standard Velocity is a popular option for hitting targets at a distance on the gun range. 

Among the array of .22 caliber ammunition, CCI Standard holds a special place as a reliable and affordable option. While not designed specifically for precision shooting competitions, CCI Standard .22LR ammunition is widely used for plinking, training, and general recreational shooting.

CCI, part of the Vista Outdoor company, ensures consistent quality in its Standard .22LR ammunition. Shooters appreciate the reliability and affordability of CCI Standard. It’s an excellent choice for those who prioritize value without compromising on performance for everyday shooting activities.

Caliber Bullet Type Bullet Weight Velocity (Muzzle) Energy (Muzzle) 50 Yards (Velocity/Energy) 75 Yards (Velocity/Energy) 100 Yards (Velocity/Energy)
.22LR LRN 40gr 1,070 FPS 102 FT LBS 977 FPS/85 FT LBS 940 FPS/79 FT LBS 908 FPS/73 FT LBS
a target shot with CCI Standard Velocity at 100 yards

Although not designed to be precision ammo, CCI Standard Velocity still holds its own at 100 yards.

Understanding Rimfire Accuracy 

In the realm of firearms, the term “rimfire” refers to a type of cartridge that ignites the primer located in the rim of the cartridge base. This contrasts with centerfire cartridges, where the primer is located in the center of the cartridge base. Rimfire cartridges, especially in the .22LR caliber, have unique characteristics that impact accuracy. Understanding these nuances is crucial for shooters seeking precision and consistency in their performance. 

Consistency in Primer Ignition

Rimfire ammunition relies on the firing pin striking the rim of the cartridge to ignite the primer compound. Unlike centerfire cartridges, rimfire priming can be less consistent due to the nature of the design. Variations in primer ignition can result in slight deviations in velocity and, consequently, impact accuracy.

Top-tier rimfire ammunition, such as the Norma Xtreme LR-22 and ELEY Match .22LR, incorporates advanced primer technology to enhance consistency. This results in more uniform ignition and improved shot-to-shot velocity consistency, enhancing overall accuracy.

Bullet Design & Stability

a macro photo of 22lr rimfire ammo

When used for precision shooting, the design and stability of the .22LR bullet play a pivotal role in accuracy.

The design and stability of the bullet play a pivotal role in rimfire accuracy. Since .22LR ammunition is often used for precision shooting, the bullets are meticulously crafted. This minimizes aerodynamic inconsistencies and maintains stability in flight.

A round like the Lapua Long Range .22LR is known for its sophisticated bullet design, helping maintain stability over different distances. Consistent bullet weight, shape, and balance contribute to tight groupings, especially when engaging targets at extended ranges.

Velocity Consistency: Most Accurate 22lr Ammo At 100 Yards

Accurate rimfire ammunition must exhibit minimal variations in velocity from shot to shot. Inconsistencies in velocity can lead to variations in the point of impact. That makes it challenging for shooters to predict the exact location of their shots. 

Cartridges such as the SK Rifle Match .22LR are engineered to provide tight velocity spreads. The manufacturers achieve this consistency through stringent quality control measures during production. This ensures that each round delivers predictable and reliable performance. 

Powder Selection and Clean Burning 

The choice of gunpowder in rimfire cartridges significantly influences both accuracy and barrel cleanliness. Clean-burning powders reduce the accumulation of fouling in the barrel, contributing to sustained accuracy over extended shooting sessions.

ELEY Match .22LR, for example, has clean-burning propellants. This aids in maintaining the cleanliness of the firearm and contributes to the consistency and accuracy of the ammunition.

Quality Control in Manufacturing

Precision in rimfire ammunition results from meticulous quality control in the manufacturing process. Each component, from the casing to the primer and bullet, undergoes stringent checks to ensure uniformity.

Manufacturers like CCI, with its CCI Standard .22LR, prioritize quality control to deliver reliable and consistent ammunition. While not explicitly designed for precision shooting, CCI Standard offers shooters a dependable option for general use without sacrificing quality.

Rifle Compatibility

The compatibility between the ammunition and the firearm also influences rimfire accuracy. Each rifle may have specific preferences for ammunition types and may exhibit variations in accuracy with different brands or bullet weights.

Serious shooters often conduct extensive testing to identify the ammunition that pairs best with their rifles. This process involves assessing accuracy, velocity, and reliability with different ammunition types to find the optimal match for a particular firearm.

Options: Most Accurate 22lr Ammo At 100 Yards

a photo of a man shooting a rimfire rifle

Most accurate 22lr ammo at 100 yards: When accuracy matters most, choose ammo options with a proven performance record.

In the world of .22 caliber ammunition, the choices can be overwhelming. Each of the mentioned cartridges — Norma Xtreme LR-22, SK Rifle Match .22LR, ELEY Match .22LR, Lapua Long Range .22LR, and CCI Standard — are excellent options. The best way to determine which round best suits your rifle and shooting goals is to try them out. 

That said, don’t feel like you need to buy all five cartridges at once. Pick a pair of cartridges, head out to the range, and see which one performs best for you. High-quality match-grade ammunition can improve your accuracy and elevate your performance on the range or in competition.

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