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Most Lethal 22LR Ammo

Most Lethal 22LR Ammo

When most people think of lethal ammunition, they might not immediately consider the diminutive .22 Long Rifle (LR) cartridge. Yet, with advancements in bullet technology and propellant mixes, even this small cartridge can pack a serious punch. So what is the most lethal 22LR ammo? It depends on several factors, including your intended purpose.  I […]

most accurate 22lr ammo at 100 yards

Most Accurate 22lr Ammo At 100 Yards

The world of .22 caliber ammunition is vast and diverse, offering shooters a plethora of options to choose from. Among the myriad choices, several stand out for their exceptional precision and performance. This article delves into the characteristics and capabilities of five renowned .22 caliber ammunitions: Norma Xtreme LR-22, SK Rifle Match .22LR, ELEY Match […]

22LR match grade ammo

22LR Match Grade Ammo

In the world of precision shooting, where every fraction of an inch can make the difference between victory and defeat, the choice of ammunition is paramount. For those who participate in competitive shooting sports like smallbore rifles or rimfire benchrests, the search for the perfect .22LR match-grade ammo is a never-ending quest. These shooters understand […]

best 22LR ammo

Best 22LR Ammo

.22 Long Rifle is the most prolific, most common caliber in the world. The best 22LR ammo is used for anything and everything you can think of, from shooting cans and rabbits to Olympic shooting sports. It is the caliber that everyone learns to shoot with. It is cheap, accurate, and effective when used for […]