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a photo of concealed carry class instructor firing a pistol at an outdoors gun range

Choosing A Concealed Carry Class

Guest Writer: Kenzie Fitzpatrick When searching for a concealed carry class to take, look for a high-quality class with real-life scenarios taught by a credentialed instructor. A concealed carry class should include the fundamentals of firearm safety. The instructor should demonstrate proper shooting techniques, and go through the state statutes when it comes to carrying […]

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a photo of the guns of 20th century gangsters

20th Century Gangsters and the Guns They Made Famous

Mob Weapons Most Americans have gained their knowledge of early-twentieth-century gangster guns from TV shows and movies. Those of us who watched The Untouchables on television in the late 50s and early 60s sat enthralled as Special Agent Eliot Ness chased down the Capone mob in one episode after another. Later, in a 1987 film, […]

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photo of the smith & wesson M&P shield .380 handgun with best 380 ammo

Best 380 Ammo: Training & Home Defense

The .380 ACP is enjoying a very healthy resurgence in this modern age. The best 380 ACP ammo might be more popular now than when it first came out in the early 20th century. Initially designed for use in simple blowback pistols, it really found its stride in the last decade or so thanks to […]

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guns of bonnie and clyde article

The Guns of Bonnie and Clyde

The Real Bonnie and Clyde “Bonnie and Clyde were pretty lookin’ people. But I can tell you, people, they were the devil’s children.” Georgie Fame, The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde She was petite and pretty; he had boyish good looks. But their attractiveness belied a violent and criminal nature unmatched by any couple in […]

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photo of glock 20 10mm pistol on ropes

Best 10mm Ammo: Training & Home Defense

While it’s not exactly a “Big Bore” caliber, 10mm Automatic ammo packs a punch well above its weight class. It performs every bit like a Big Bore magnum, thumping anything unlucky enough to be on the receiving end with great malice. 10mm was originally conceived to be a hot load caliber, created to hit with […]

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