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Federal HST VS Hydra-Shok

Federal HST VS Hydra-Shok

By Guy J. Sagi The physics, math, and metallurgy poured into modern bullet design is staggering. Advances are often cutting edge, particularly when it comes to self-defense projectiles. Federal Ammunition, one of the foremost in the field, understands no two situations or needs are identical. For that reason, it offers versions that bring different assets […]

Aluminum VS Brass Ammo

Aluminum VS Brass Ammo: Head To Head Comparison 

There’s no question that aluminum is a versatile metal. Aluminum is soft and malleable, meaning that it can be forged into a variety of products, including AR-style receivers. However, it does have its limitations. When comparing aluminum vs brass ammo, which metal will come out on top?  Despite the widespread use of aluminum, many firearms […]

hydra shok ammo

What Is Hydra Shok Ammunition?

Practically everyone in the shooting world has heard of Hydra Shok ammo. You’ve likely encountered it at a local gun store or favorite sporting goods retailer. You might also have run across while you were searching the web for “personal defense” ammunition. So what is Hydra Shok ammunition?  Below, we’ll discuss what Hydra Shok ammo […]