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Remington 308 Ammo 

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remington 308 ammo

The 308 caliber is both relevant and rich in history. If we assigned human characteristics to the 308, they would be a traveler and adventurer, jack-of-all-trades, and a master of some. For those new to the gun industry, 308 Remington ammunition is still 308 Winchester – Remington is just the maker of their version of the cartridge. This article will explore Remington 308 ammo and its various options. 

Remington makes several prevalent 308 rounds, including the UMC centerfire, the Core-Lokt, and the Premier Match. Each round has a job. Understanding their intended purpose will set all sharpshooters up for success. Whether you’re looking for target ammo, competition accuracy, or you want to harvest big game, Remington has a 308 round for you. 

One of the most exciting things about the 308 Win. (aka 7.62 NATO) is the widespread availability of ammunition, the variability of the platform, and the relative affordability. The 308 is a true multitool. 

This article will highlight some of the best Remington 308 ammo options and offer some practical insight.

Remington 308 Ammo Types

Not only does the 308 excel in different rifle platforms, from bolt action to automatic, but it has a host of ammo available—this all-around versatility allows the shooter to adapt the firearm for their specific needs. Remington makes several popular 308 rounds, offering something for beginners and large-game hunters. 

We’ll discuss four types of Remington 308 in more depth: 

Let’s dive into these 308 rounds and figure out which might be best for you. Our ballistic data examples below are taken from a 24″ test barrel. 

Cartridge Options

Remington 308 UMC Centerfire 

a photo of remington umc centerfire 308 ammo

Remington UMC features reloadable brass cases and 150gr FMJ bullets designed for range shooting.

Whenever it’s time for target practice or some work at the range, you’ll need your go-to FMJ to get the job done. Remington’s UMC centerfire is an affordable and adequate option for target practice and eliminating pests. It’s also available in 40-round boxes for those looking for a bulk ammo option. 

The 150gr FMJ flies over 2000 FPS out past 300 yards, with -8.8 inches in bullet drop at the same distance. Remington 308 UMC Centerfire is the ketchup and mustard for range day: get it cheap, use it often, and buy some more. 

Best Uses: Training and putting holes in targets at the gun range.

Caliber Bullet Type Bullet Weight Velocity (Muzzle) Energy (Muzzle) 100 Yards (Velocity/Energy)  200 Yards (Velocity/Energy)  300 Yards (Velocity/Energy)
.308 Win FMJ 150gr 2,820 FPS 2,648 FT LBS 2,532FPS/2,136 FT LBS 2,262 FPS/1,705 FT LBS 2,009 FPS/1,344 FT LBS

Remington 308 Win Premier Match 

a photo of remington premier match ammunition

Accuracy when it matters most, Remington’s Premier Match .308 ammunition.

Of course, there are times when you need to sharpen accuracy and consistency. The 308 Premier match ammunition is a choice of competition marksmen and those who enjoy seeing what they can do at longer ranges. The 168gr Matchking BTHP bullet flies over 2000 FPS well past 300 yards, with -8.6 inches in bullet drop at the same distance.

Best Uses: Accuracy and reliability when it counts.

Caliber Bullet Type Bullet Weight Velocity (Muzzle) Energy (Muzzle) 100 Yards (Velocity/Energy)  200 Yards (Velocity/Energy)  300 Yards (Velocity/Energy)
.308 Win BTHP 168gr 2,680 FPS 2,679 FT LBS 2,494FPS/2,320 FT LBS 2,315 FPS/1,999 FT LBS 2,143 FPS/1,714 FT LBS

 Remington 308 Core-Lokt 

a photo of core-lokt remington 308 ammo

For more than 80-years, Remington Core-Lokt ammo has been putting meat on the table.

The 308 Core-Lokt by Remington is a serious round for folks serious about hunting. This round is now also offered in a tipped configuration with increased terminal ballistics. More on that below.

If you’re looking to hunt whitetail deer, wild boar, or even bear, the 308 Core-Lokt can cleanly get the job done. The Core-Lokt design has been around since 1939 and remains popular to this day. With 150-grain Core-Lokt PSP ammunition, you’re getting 2,009 FPS out at 300 yards with a -8.8 inch drop at that distance. 

Core-Lokt Tipped ammo offers match-grade accuracy with a polymer-tipped bullet. This new design features a flatter trajectory and improved ballistic coefficient. With 150-grain Core-Lokt Tipped ammunition, you’re getting 2,019 FPS out at 300 yards and a -7.8 inch drop at the 300 yard distance. 

Best Uses: Putting antlers on the wall and meat on the table.

Caliber Bullet Type Bullet Weight Velocity (Muzzle) Energy (Muzzle) 100 Yards (Velocity/Energy)  200 Yards (Velocity/Energy)  300 Yards (Velocity/Energy)
.308 Win Core-Lokt PSP 150gr 2,820 FPS 2,648 FT LBS 2,532FPS/2,136 FT LBS 2,262 FPS/1,705 FT LBS 2,009 FPS/1,344 FT LBS
a photo of remmington core-Lokt tipped ammo

Remmington Core-Lokt Tipped ammo features match-grade accuracy with a flat trajectory.

Caliber Bullet Type Bullet Weight Velocity (Muzzle) Energy (Muzzle) 100 Yards (Velocity/Energy)  200 Yards (Velocity/Energy)  300 Yards (Velocity/Energy)
.308 Win Core-Lokt Tipped 150gr 2,840 FPS 2,686 FT LBS 2,620FPS/2,286 FT LBS 2,410 FPS/1,934 FT LBS 2,210 FPS/1,626 FT LBS

 Remington Hypersonic Bonded 308

a macro photo of remington 308 ammo

The PSP bullet featured in Remington Hypersonic ammo has a bonded lead alloy center with an outer copper jacket.

The Remington Hypersonic Bonded 308 offers an extra boost in FPS, making it another great option for the big game. When it comes to trajectories, it’s about as flat as you can get. The Hypersonic can be suppressed to help reduce the boom, but you’ll still have a significant crack from the bullet breaking the sound barrier.  

What’s the difference between hypersonic and supersonic? The difference is mainly in the name. Hypersonic is a name used by Remington to label their ammunition – it’s not a technical designator. However, supersonic is an official term used for objects that break the sound barrier (about 1100 fps), including bullets. 

As you might imagine, hypersonic ammunition is also supersonic. The Remington 308 Hypersonic travels about an extra 200 FPS above most Core-Lokt ammunition. 

Best Uses: Hunting and home defense with suppressed rifles.

Caliber Bullet Type Bullet Weight Velocity (Muzzle) Energy (Muzzle) 100 Yards (Velocity/Energy)  200 Yards (Velocity/Energy)  300 Yards (Velocity/Energy)
.308 Win Core-Lokt Bonded PSP 150gr 2,925 FPS 2,849 FT LBS 2,645 FPS/2,331 FT LBS 2,382 FPS/1,890 FT LBS 2,135 FPS/1,518 FT LBS

 History Of 308 Winchester Ammunition 

308 Winchester ammo was born in the 1950s. It was the civilian counterpart (some say clone, though they do have minor differences) to the developing 7.62 NATO, which was later adopted by the US military in various capacities – it still sees some use today. 

Manufacturers designed the 7.62 NATO round to be a shortened version of the 30-06. The military wanted something a little more practical for automatic weapons – without compromising much power. 

Though the 7.62 NATO took a little while to catch on in the armed forces – the military continued using the 30-06 for a while longer – it saw success in the civilian market as the 308 Winchester. As you probably know, a large demand was from hunters. And the success in the hunting arena has never really tapered off. 

Remington brought their wealth of knowledge and experience when developing their 308 rounds. Around the 1960s, the popular Remington 700 was chambered in 308 (among many other popular rifle rounds). Since then, they’ve perfected those designs, and remain one of the most trusted names in the industry.

It’s hard to beat the versatility of the 308. While it may not be your favorite round for any single purpose, it certainly takes the gold for sufficiency at many tasks.

Last Shot: Remington 308 Ammo

a photo of a man shooting an ar-10 rifle outdoors

Be sure to check out our website for the best prices on in-stock Remington 308 ammo.

If you don’t have a 308 rifle, should you get one? Probably. And when you do, you’ll be glad to stash some Remington 308 ammunition in your safe. The 308 is tried and true – not only that, but 308 rifles can safely shoot rounds made for 7.62 NATO. You’re getting yourself a switch-hitter that’s sure to smack some home runs. 

Whether you’re a target shooter, a competition marksman, or a big game hunter, Remington has some 308 ammo to suit your purpose. But Remington isn’t the only maker of high-quality 308 rounds. Once you’ve digested this article, read our guide on the best 308 ammo for hunting, competition, and target shooting

a photo of remington ammo

Reading can only tighten your groups and improve your tactics by so much. Get your hands on some 308 ammunition, head to the range, and dial in that rifle!

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