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22LR Ammo Bucket

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22LR Ammo Bucket

What’s the only thing better than a barrel full of monkeys? A bucket full of bullets! Or, in this case, a good old-fashioned .22LR Ammo Bucket! 

Why do people love .22LR ammo buckets? First, a plastic bucket is more durable and reliable for carrying ammo, particularly in damp or icy conditions. Second, ammo buckets offer greater capacity for a long day at the range. Finally, .22LR ammo buckets can offer a more cost-effective and practical solution. 

Let’s unload a few details, discuss their pros and cons, and determine whether you should buy one.

Why Do People Buy .22LR Ammo Buckets?

a macro photo of 22lr rimfire ammo

Buying in bulk saves you money and allows you stay longer at the gun range, plinking, and training.

So, what’s the deal with ammo buckets? Those cardboard boxes were good enough for our grandparents, so why can’t they be good enough for us? Don’t worry – the cardboard boxes aren’t going away just yet (and they’re still useful!), but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider the benefits of an ammo bucket, especially when paired with the .22 long rifle.

The .22 long rifle is a small round, with one of its only real rivals being the smaller .22 short. The compact profile of the .22LR makes it perfect for bulk-bucket presentation. Larger ammunition relies on careful stacking and packaging, making it more resistant to the rugged bucket format. 

However, even beyond the .22LR being the perfect round for the bucket, there are other practical advantages.

Here are a few key benefits of .22 long rifle ammo buckets: 

Now, let’s dig into the meat and baked potatoes of these bulk bins.

A .22LR Ammo Bucket is Durable 

We’ve all had the experience of reaching for a box of ammunition only to hear the clank and clatter of brass tumbling out the other end. A lot of quality ammunition comes packaged in thin cardboard. 

There’s nothing wrong with cardboard ammo boxes, especially with larger rounds that you’ll likely transfer into magazines or speed loaders anyway. However, when planning a fun day of target practice with the .22, it’s nice to have a grab-and-go option. 

Not only will the bucket not tear or spontaneously spill, but it will also be more moisture-resistant. If you’re shooting in the winter, you don’t need to worry about water seeping into your ammo bucket. You can set the bucket down at the range and load your firearm as needed. 

An ammo bucket can also present an excellent long-term storage option. Instead of a bunch of little boxes of ammo lying around, you’ve got your big bucket of bullets ready for use at any time. 

Note: But wait, there’s more! It’s worth pointing out that many ammo buckets will come with a resealable lid and a handle. This set-up makes it super easy to get out to the range and get shooting – no extra bags or gizmos, just grab your bucket, grab your gun, and go. 

These .22LR Ammo Buckets Offer Greater Capacity 

It may seem obvious that an ammo bucket offers more capacity. However, what’s not apparent is why that greater capacity matters – specifically, why the bucket is well-suited to high capacity. You can still get a bulk cardboard box of ammunition, but the bucket may be better for a few reasons. 

First, the bucket is easy to deploy when shooting with a group. Many buckets have a wide top that allows shooters to reach in with their hands and grab what they need. 

Second, most buckets are made of translucent polymer (clear plastic). This allows everyone at the range to see when munitions are running low – and when it’s time to bring out another bucket. 

Finally, most marksmen turn to the .22LR when they’re ready to burn some rounds and not wince at the financial investment of each trigger pull. The ammo bucket usually gives you 1000-plus rounds to do just that. 

A Bucket of .22LR Ammo is Cheaper Overall 

While we just mentioned that gun owners often turn to .22LR when they’re looking to forget about costs, that doesn’t change the fact that .22LR rounds still cost real – and inflating – American money. If you shoot .22LR daily, buying in bulk makes sense, as you’ll get the best possible cost per round. 

However, even if you don’t shoot every day (or even every month), there are still some reasons to invest in an ammo bucket. 

For one thing, .22LR is a good survival round. If you live in the backcountry or want to be prepared for a disaster, .22LR can reliably put food on the table. Second, this caliber represents a kind of currency in the firearm world. Almost everyone has a firearm chambered in .22LR, so keeping some extra rounds around makes sense. Who knows? You might want to loan some to a friend. 

What are Some of the Best .22LR Ammo Buckets? 

a photo of a 22LR Ammo Bucket

22LR Ammo Bucket: There’s no better bang for your buck than grabbing a rimfire ammo bucket.

Before we part ways, it makes sense for us to examine the specimen in question. Let’s look at a few of the best .22LR ammo buckets on the market so you can make the best decision for your situation. We’ll discuss cost, capacity, and what makes each ammo bucket unique. 

Here are a few of the best .22LR ammo buckets: 

More ammo bucket information is below!

The Remington Bucket O’ Bullets 

This is at the top of the list when it comes to ammo buckets. What do you get when you buy this big ol’ Bucket O’ bullets? You’ll get 1400 rounds of 36-grain .22 LR, each with a muzzle velocity of 1280 FPS. Price: $138.99

The bucket? It has a handy handle and a resealable lid. If you like the tried and true, go with the Remington .22LR Ammo Bucket

The Blazer .22 Long Rifle Bucket

The Blazer Rimfire .22  LR Ammo bucket is another stellar option if you’re looking to adopt your first bucket. Specs? 

You’ll get 1500 total rounds of 38-grain .22LR with a muzzle velocity of 1235 FPS. These babies have a ballistic coefficient of .128 and a lead round nose. Price: $152.99

The nice thing about the Blazer bucket is the translucent polymer (clear plastic) construction, so you always know how many rounds you’ve got left. 

Federal BYOB .22LR Bucket 

Finally, we have the Federal Bring Your Own Bucket .22LR. This ammo bucket will give you 1375 rounds of 36-grain .22LR copper-plated hollow points. Price: $132.99. 

The BYOB system offers you an easy-pour bucket with a nice carrying handle. It’s also designed to stack easily for simple storage. Finally, you can buy smaller Federal ammo buckets to fill so you’re not always lugging around your main supply.  

Conclusion: The Beauty of the .22LR Ammo Bucket 

a photo of a man shooting a rimfire rifle outdoors.

Believe the hype, ammo buckets are easy to transport, store and provide a considerable cost savings.

By now, you have a bit more insight into the hype behind the .22LR ammo bucket. Ammo buckets offer a durable way to transport and store your ammunition. Buying bulk ammo can provide cost savings and increase carrying capacity for those smaller .22 long rifle rounds. 

If you’re looking for a place to start with ammo buckets, consider the Remington Bucket O’ Bullets, the Blazer .22LR Bucket, and the Federal BYOB. After you buy the bucket, you can label it and refill it with standard .22LR.

If you enjoyed this article, take a minute and take a look at our guide on the difference between .22 Long Rifle and .22 Magnum. 

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