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22 Short VS 22LR

22 Short VS 22LR

It’s a rimfire family feud for the ages! Let’s dive into a spicy topic that will spark some debate at the shooting range – the classic showdown between 22 Short VS 22LR ammunition. These small-caliber rounds have been a staple in the firearms world for decades, each with unique characteristics and purposes. So, whether you’re […]

22LR VS 223

22LR VS 223: A Tale Of Two Calibers

Welcome to the wild world of firearms and ammunition, where the options can be as diverse as those who make them. It might seem strange to some to compare the 22LR VS 223, but they have more in common than you may suspect. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a newcomer to the world of […]

Effective Range Of .22LR

Effective Range Of .22LR

What exactly is the effective range of the .22LR cartridge? For most rifles with standard FMJ ammo, you can expect consistency out to 100-150 yards. However, ballistically speaking, there’s more to the story. That’s what we aim to break down for you with this rimfire guide. If you’re a frequent shooter of any type, whether […]

rabbit hunting

Rabbit Hunting Guide

In most parts of the country rabbit hunting is the longest game season; going from early fall into the winter months. So, you are able to bag some game long after you hang up your bow and pack out your treestand.  Rabbit hunting is a two-fold sport to me. I am an avid hunter and […]


NRL22 Competition Guide

Guest Writer: Kenzie Fitzpatrick One of the most fun action sports out there is the National Rifle League .22 competition or NRL22. The National Rifle League is an organization dedicated to the growth and education of long-range precision shooting. Whether this sounds fun to you or you want to dip your toe in the water […]