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Glock 42 Review

Glock 42 Review

Guest Writer: Kenzie Fitzpatrick I can still remember when the Glock 42 was announced and how much its emergence disrupted the firearms industry. The Model 42 was Glock’s very first .380 caliber pistol and the smallest gun Glock had ever made. I remember this vividly because I was a year into being able to carry a […]

How To Clean A Glock

How To Clean A Glock

Why would you regularly change your car’s oil, and fill it with gas for that matter? Because you want it to work. You would ideally clean your pistol after every time you fire it for the same reason. Looking for instructions on how to clean a Glock? Keep reading or watch the easy-to-follow video below. […]

the guns of the matrix

Guns Of The Matrix

Imagine a brutal hellscape where humans have lost all self-sufficiency and spend their entire lives plugged into computers. Their unfeeling overlords dictate every aspect of their lives, right down to what they eat and what they think. Escape from this perdition is inescapable only until death. It’s easy to imagine, because that situation is also […]

how to field strip and reassemble a glock pistol

How to Field Strip and Reassemble a Glock

It is crucial to keep any firearm you own in good working condition. You’ll want to be sure to field strip a Glock pistol and clean your weapon after every time you fire it. Even if you never fire your weapon, you still want to clean it at least once a year. Why Field Strip […]

pistol shooting stances

Types Of Pistol Shooting Stances

Guest Writer: Kenzie Fitzpatrick There are many pistol shooting stances used in the shooting world. Finding one that is comfortable to you takes time and is the most important part. In this blog, we’ll review the most popular stances and talk about how building a foundation each time you shoot is key to properly aiming […]