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Glock 42 Review

Glock 42 Review

Guest Writer: Kenzie Fitzpatrick I can still remember when the Glock 42 was announced and how much its emergence disrupted the firearms industry. The Model 42 was Glock’s very first .380 caliber pistol and the smallest gun Glock had ever made. I remember this vividly because I was a year into being able to carry a […]

a photo of Glock 42 VS 43

Glock 42 VS 43

Author: Jacob Long Choosing the right concealed-carry gun can be a time-consuming task. There’s no shortage of sub-compact pistol options on the market. Every manufacturer seems to make them, but Glock remains one of the most popular options. Even within Glock’s own lineup, you have options like the Glock 42 VS 43.  Glock’s reliability and […]

A photo of a glock 43 vs 43x with 9mm ammo

Glock 43 VS 43X

Author: Jacob Long It’s no mystery that single stack Glock handguns are a popular choice for ideal concealed carry pistols. The compact nature of single stack pistols, paired with Glock’s engineering, gave birth to a new breed of subcompact pistols designed for everyday carry and concealment. From the introduction of the Glock 42 to the […]