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350 Legend VS 223

350 Legend VS 223 Rem

Comparing 350 Legend VS 223 Rem requires some research. The cartridges have different applications, however, they share a few similarities. If you’re considering building out a rifle chambered in either caliber, we’ll walk you through the pros, and cons of making that decision. The overall length of the two cartridges is nearly identical, with the […]

Scoring A Buck

Scoring A Buck

You don’t have to spend time scoring a buck to impress your pals. Just meet them at the bar, buy them a round of drinks, and tell themhow you brought home that trophy-winner. Even if they’re not excited over your accomplishment, they’ll feel obligated to go with you on the journey in consideration of the […]

bolt action vs semi auto

Bolt Action VS Semi Auto: Best Deer Hunting Rifle?

Those of us who hunt deer are once again greeting sunrise from blinds and stands or perched behind spotting scopes—or looking forward to opening day. It’s an annual event, a chance for camaraderie with friends, and renewed hope of taking that once-in-a-lifetime buck. What’s the best deer hunting rifle to take with you, bolt action […]

How To Deer Hunt

Guest Writer: Kenzie Fitzpatrick Learning how to deer hunt can seem overwhelming, especially for the first time. Most of deer hunting isn’t the actual shooting part, but the time and preparation put into harvesting a deer. Having deer come to you without any prep work can happen, but there’s more to hunting than luck. The […]

a photo of the Best Time of Day to Hunt Deer

Best Time of Day to Hunt Deer

Guest Writer: Kenzie Fitzpatrick Hunting deer can be tricky and bringing home meat can really rely on the right day and right time. Because deer are active primarily during the twilight period, the best time of day to hunt deer is at dawn and dusk. This limited-light timing is why hunting deer can be extremely […]