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308 ammo for deer

308 Ammo For Deer

Just about every deer hunter on the planet has a favorite cartridge that they turn to when they want to down that trophy buck. Despite the fact that some hunters prefer cartridges like the .270 or 30-30, one of the most popular remains 308 ammo for deer hunting. Chances are that the .308 Winchester is […]

308 hunting ammo

308 Hunting Ammo

Along with the .270 Winchester, the .308 cartridge remains one of the most popular hunting rounds in existence today. Thousands of hunters across the nation turn to .308 hunting ammo when they want a powerful and reliable projectile to down their prey. In addition, armed forces use the .308 (also known as the 7.62x51mm NATO) […]

Scoring A Buck

Scoring A Buck

You don’t have to spend time scoring a buck to impress your pals. Just meet them at the bar, buy them a round of drinks, and tell themhow you brought home that trophy-winner. Even if they’re not excited over your accomplishment, they’ll feel obligated to go with you on the journey in consideration of the […]

How To Deer Hunt

Guest Writer: Kenzie Fitzpatrick Learning how to deer hunt can seem overwhelming, especially for the first time. Most of deer hunting isn’t the actual shooting part, but the time and preparation put into harvesting a deer. Having deer come to you without any prep work can happen, but there’s more to hunting than luck. The […]