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Federal HST VS Speer Gold Dot

Federal HST VS Speer Gold Dot: Best Defensive Round

When it comes to self-defense rounds, two of the most prominent options in the industry are Federal HST VS Speer Gold Dot. Both manufacturers have been around for decades. In fact, CCI/Speer was founded in the 1940s, and Federal dates all the way back to 1916.  During that time, both manufacturers became incredibly skilled at […]

9mm VS 10mm

9mm VS 10mm

Many gun owners battle it out online comparing the differences between 9mm VS 10mm. So which caliber is faster, more powerful, and most effective? It’s hard to say. Some gun owners prefer to have the additional ammo capacity of 9mm. While others, more interested in performance, may not want to give up the magnum power […]

photo of 9mm springfield sub compact xd pistol sitting on ropes

Best 9mm Ammo: Plinking, Training & Home Defense

Without question, the 9mm cartridge is the best-selling pistol cartridge in the world. This isn’t a surprise, it’s the NATO standard. Used by roughly 30 nations as their preferred military sidearm caliber. The U.S. military alone has several million 9mm pistols and stores billions of rounds of 9mm for the Armed Forces to train with […]