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277 Fury VS 6.8 SPC

277 Fury VS 6.8 SPC

If you’re as excited about modern rifle cartridges as we are, you’ve probably jumped into debates around 277 Fury VS 6.8 SPC. Both cartridges owe their existence to the U.S. military. Their creation came about due to the battlefield limitations of the 5.56 NATO round.  While both are designed to outperform the aging 5.56 NATO […]


AR-10 Calibers For Your Next Build

The AR-10 is the AR-15 platform’s bigger, bolder older brother. While the AR-10 has been around for decades, there are AR-10 calibers that you may not be as familiar with. The platform experienced a surge in popularity that began in the 2010s. This was due in part to the availability of new chamberings for the […]