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Depending on where you are in the world, people will use different measuring systems. Everyone knows that the US uses the Imperial system, while most of the rest of the world uses Metric. But what fewer people know is that there are two ways of measuring the arc of a circle: minutes of angle (MOA) […]

how often should you clean your gun

Cleaning Guns: Why and How Often Should You?

Guest Writer: Kenzie Fitzpatrick You’re either someone who loves the process of cleaning guns or you’re the type of person who loathes getting home from the range only to have to clean guns. There’s really no middle ground. When you own expensive tools, the longevity of them depends on you taking care of them. However, […]

how to field strip and reassemble a glock pistol

How to Field Strip and Reassemble a Glock

It is crucial to keep any firearm you own in good working condition. You’ll want to be sure to field strip a Glock pistol and clean your weapon after every time you fire it. Even if you never fire your weapon, you still want to clean it at least once a year. Why Field Strip […]

an image showing how to field strip an AR-15 rifle

Field Strip and Reassemble an AR-15 Rifle

It is extremely important that you keep your firearm clean, be it an AR-15 or otherwise. As you fire a firearm, lead and propellant residues will accumulate inside of it. Such fouling will impact accuracy and may ultimately cause the firearm to malfunction. Whether that firearm is simply a toy or your only means for […]

mike bloomberg on gun control

Bloomberg on Gun Control, Ammo & Gun Ban Bingo!

We typically try to keep things fairly apolitical here at the blog. But this week, I know a lot of our fellow staunch 2nd Amendment supporters have an eye fixated on politics. Michael Bloomberg, an outspoken politician supporting his own brand of gun control seems to be gaining traction as a legitimate major party candidate […]