Small Rifle Magnum Primers

Small rifle magnum primers are something of a specialty item, being primarily used with ball powders or in cold weather. As the magnum designation suggests, they are more powerful than regular small rifle primers and the two should not be used interchangeably when you're reloading.

Small rifle magnum (SRM) primers can be used for .223 Remington/5.56 NATO, .454 Casull and .17 Remington.

CCI is a top source for SRM primers and you'll find some for sale below; their primers are known for their reliable ignition when loaded correctly so you'll get the performance you demand when you're out in the field.

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  1. CCI #450 Small Rifle Magnum Primers in APS Strips - 1000 Count

    CCI #450 Small Rifle Magnum Primers in APS Strips - 1000 Count


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    Primer Type Small Rifle Magnum
    Manufacturer CCI
    Manufacturer SKU 0081
    Quantity 1000

    Yeah, reloading is great but it takes a ton of time, right? Well, enter CCI's primers on APS strips. Those strips make reloading your small rifle magnum cases faster than ever. In this package, you’ll get 1,000 primers, all of which are loaded on strips that make feeding the primers fast, simple, and efficient. It eliminates handing primers with your fingers, which can cause contamination. Each strip contains 25 primers, and the strips can be linked for even faster reloading.

    Target shooting can be an expensive sport. Even small rifle cartridges can get expensive when you go through hundreds or thousands of round in a single outing. That’s why so many people choose to reload their ammo. It not only makes the sport more affordable, it create a rewarding experience when you use rounds that you loaded yourself.

    CCI has a wide range of top-quality ammunition supplies, including excellent primers and bullets. If you are going to reload your cases, make sure you are using the finest primers available by ordering CCI products.

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