Shotgun Primers

Not surprisingly, shotgun primers (also known as 209 primers after their .209"" diameter) are typically used for shotgun shells. Modern muzzle-loading rifles also use these primers as a substitute for percussion caps.

Unlike rifle and pistol primers, shotgun primers generally cannot substitute for other primer types. Of course, always be sure to check with the manufacturer or a trusted reloading guide before substituting.

CCI, Federal, and Winchester are known for producing quality shotgun primers for sale in the civilian market. Check out our in-stock options below.

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  1. Federal Champion #209A Shotshell Primers - 1000 Count

    Federal Champion #209A Shotshell Primers - 1000 Count


    In stock

    Primer Type Shotshell
    Manufacturer Federal
    Manufacturer SKU 209A
    Quantity 1000

    These #209A shotgun primers can be used in shells for a wide range of gauges, including 10, 12, 20, and 28-gauge shots. Additionally, these primers are good to go with .410 shotguns. When you load these primers, you know you’re getting the same high-quality performance that you expect from Federal Premium Ammunition. With this pack, you'll get 1000 primers ready to head to your reloading bench.

    We all love hunting and trap shooting. These sports allow us to enjoy the great outdoors, connecting with nature in a way that few activities provide. If you participate in an outdoor shooting sport, you understand the importance of a high-quality shot load. You not only need the right shot or slug, you also need reliable primers that will perform without hesitation. With these shotshell primers from Federal, you’ll be able to assembler shotgun cartridges that you can count on.

    Federal is based out of Minnesota and has been serving the needs of hunters and target shooters since 1922.

  2. CCI #209M Magnum Shotshell Primers - 1000 Count

    CCI #209M Magnum Shotshell Primers - 1000 Count


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    Primer Type Shotshell Magnum
    Manufacturer CCI
    Manufacturer SKU 0009
    Quantity 1000

    These 209M primers are made for loads that will be used on waterfowl and turkey hunts. They deliver the right ignition capabilities and burn cleanly in the chamber. This is a true magnum primer that is excellent for heavy charges with slow-burning propellants. This non-corrosive primer is the first component of a reliable shotgun shell.

    CCI makes a wide variety of hunting and target shooting supplies. They have bullets, cases, primers, and whole ammunition for rifles and shotguns. From pest control to popular game animals, you can make effective shots when you use products from CCI.

    If you're a hunter or trapshooter, you likely know the importance of a high-quality shot load. You not only need the right slug or shot size, you also need appropriate power, speed, and grouping. Of course, none of this is possible without a reliable primer. When you load your cases, make sure you use quality primers from CCI.

2 product(s)