Large Rifle Primers

Large rifle primers are used to load many different cartridges including the .30-06 Springfield, .308 Winchester/7.62 NATO, 8mm Mauser, .303 British, and many others used for both target shooting and hunting.

A large rifle primer measures .21" (5.33mm) in diameter. Compared to large pistol primers of the same diameter, LR primers are thicker and taller.

Winchester and CCI both produce large rifle primers that you'll find for sale here at Widener's. Note that #35 primers for .50 BMG are not interchangeable with other LR primers so be sure not to load your other rifle rounds with #35 primers.

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  1. CCI #35 50 BMG Primers - 100 Count

    CCI #35 50 BMG Primers - 100 Count


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    Primer Type 50 BMG
    Manufacturer CCI
    Manufacturer SKU 0320
    Quantity 100

    With the increase in popularity for .50 BMG use in recreation and competition CCI has responded by making sure hand-loaders have the best component primer option available. These #35 primers fit the same military specification as primers used in factory loads and will burn cleanly with a sensitive, non-mercuric compound. CCI primers are well-known for seating easily and igniting reliably in wide range of temperatures. They manufacture the #35 primer specifically for the .50 BMG caliber in order to dependably ignite any feasible amount of heavy powder used with the cartridge.

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    I have bought items from these Folks in the past. A+ service every time.

    Review by Scott (Posted on 8/29/16)

  2. CCI #34 Large Rifle Primers - 1000

    CCI #34 Large Rifle Primers - 1000

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    Manufacturer CCI
    Manufacturer SKU 0002
    Quantity 1000

    These #34 Primers from CCI are specially designed for military-grade large rifle cartridges. They have the sensitivity demanded by NATO forces and can be used in military-style autoloading rifles. The initiator mix is engineered to optimize performance in both ball and spherical propellants.

    If you reload your ammunition, you not only need high-quality powder and reliable bullets, you also need top-notch primers that will deliver precision and sensitivity. Make sure you are loading the finest products into your rifle cartridges by ordering this box of 100 primers from CCI. These finely-tuned primers will ensure your rounds perform as expected on a consistent basis.

    CCI was established in 1951, primarily with the goal of creating excellent products for private ammo reloading enthusiasts. However, their high-quality products were noticed by the military and CCI earned a large contract, helping them grow into one of the leading ammo companies in the country.

2 product(s)